This is my anorexia story and how it's effected me.Also how to feel better about yourself.I know it's not fanfiction but it may help those of you people who look in the mirror and don't see themselves anymore.All of this is true to me and a lot of other teens.


3. Aftermath

I woke up about 2 days later.I didn't know where I was,what had happened,I was scared.

My neurologist and another 3 doctors came in,my parents where sitting at either side of me.

My neurologist who I have known since I was like 5 started explaining what was wrong with me.She told me I was anorexic and that my life was on the line,well she didn't say that but she ment it.

I had a feeding tube in and a whole lot of other tubes that I never knew what the were for.I didn't know what to do.A lot of people came to visit me even a teacher in my school.I was getting stronger and I could feel it,but was I strong enough?

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