Until The Sirens Calling

Until The Sirens Calling is about Harry Styles who is an 18 year old boy that can't help but get in trouble with the law. He lives with a friend named Kody, but everyone calls him 'Fizz'. Harry also can't help but fall in love with Violet Ford. Violet is an 18 year old girl from Maple Creek, which is a neighborhood who would look down on Harry. Violet can't help but fall in love with Harry. She knows her parents would never approve of him, nor her friends. She wishes people wouldn't judge him. If she can see the good in his heart, she knows others could, too. It's a bad meets good love story.


1. Violet's POV

"With A Thousand Eyes On Me, I Stumble On..." - Cher Lloyd

Until The Sirens Calling


I sat on my bed as I heard sirens in the distance. Hearing them now just makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I still remember the sounds, my cries, the lights in my face. I remember being ripped away from him as they took him away from me. It was about 1 in the morning and the early morning breeze came through my window and made me shiver.

 "You can't take him away!" I replayed it all in the back of my mind. I remember his hands being locked into the handcuffs. The last time I'd ever hold them again. I was sure of it. "Violet , stay back!" he yelled. He was being pulled back to the cop car. Two officers held me back as I tried to run to him again. "Don't fuck this up for yourself, Violet . You have a future ahead of you, baby. You have more than I do." I sobbed harder. I hated hearing him say that. "Harry, I can't leave you!!" "We'll be apart if we both go, Violet . Don't be stupid!"

They pushed him back into the car and I broke free from the officers grips. I ran up to the window and asked for a minute with him. They rolled his window down for our painful goodbyes.

"It wasn't supposed to end like this, Violet . I just tried to protect you." I bit my lip to hold in my cries. My heart hurt and my whole body was numb. I had no idea what I was going to do without him. Nothing was going to be the same and I couldn't take it. "I'll wait for you, Harry." I said in a whisper. He shook his head and furrowed his eyebrows. He was serious. "Violet , you will move on. You deserve a guy who's not like me. Someone who will give you everything and a better future." I started to cry harder as I heard him say this. Because I knew who I really loved and I know who I want in my future. Him.


"No, Harry," I sobbed. "I want you. I always will."

"No, you won't! You'll see that eventually. You'll see I was a waste of your time and you'll forget about me." I couldn't believe those words came out of his mouth. "Harry..." "But I will always love you, Violet . When you marry, I'll wish I was him. When you have babies that look like you, I'll wish they were mine." I cried some more. But I didn't say anything. He wouldn't listen anyway. He would still tell me I needed better. But there was no 'better' for me. Only him.


"You came into my life for a reason, Violet . You brought out the best of me. I tried to change for you..."


I shut my window. The wind and sirens haunted me of that night. The night I still couldn't stop thinking of and it's been 4 years now. I was 22 now and still in love with Harry.

I could tell you the story of how I met Harry. It was love at first sight and I know it sounds cheesy, but it really was.


*4 Years Ago*


"Violet , ride the Ferris wheel with me, please?" my best friend Claire asked as she tugged on my arm. "Uh," I looked up at the ride and felt the need to throw up. "no thanks." I nervously laughed. "Oh, come on!" "I'm terrified of heights. You know that, Claire." I said. And she should of. She's been my best friend since kindergarten. "But you'll be with me." I shook my head. I looked behind me as I crossed my arms and saw Jeremy, her crush since freshmen year. I looked back at her with a smile. "Ask Jeremy." Her eyes got big. "No. He won't go with me. I've never said one word to him before." I kept my arms crossed as I turned towards him and inched my way up to him. "Jeremy," I called out and he turned. "Yo." "My friend really wants to ride the ferris wheel with me, but I'm afraid of heights. So now she has no one to go with. Mind joining her?" I asked with a smile. He looked behind me at her and smiled. "Sure! She's pretty cute." He walked over to her and I watched.


Ah, Violet the Matchmaker.


I smiled as they both sat down and the carnie locked the bar in front of them. I stood against the pole and waited for 3 minutes to be up.

I looked around at some kids playing games and winning big prizes. I smelled fair food in the air and the scent of rain. It was a hot summers night. I looked to my left when I heard a group of guys yelling. 7 to be exact.


I noticed one instantly though. He had such long hair, but it was beautiful. He was dressed in a black shirt and ripped skinny jeans. He had a lot of tattoos, too. He looked over at me and smiled and I smiled back. He was a babe for sure. I looked down at my feet and smiled. I hoped he's take the hint that, that was to come over to talk to me. God knows I can't approach a guy for myself. I'm too awkward.


When I looked up, he was walking towards me and I couldn't help but smile bigger.


"Hey, I'm Harry." He said with a smirk. Oh my god, what a sexy smirk. "I'm Violet ."

I'm Violet and I just fell in love with you, beautiful stranger.


"I like that name." he said and I giggled. "Thanks." He looked around. "You meeting someone here or something?" I shook my head no. "Nope. Just waiting on my friend who just literally got on the ferris wheel with her crush." I pointed up at them and Harry looked up. "Oh, I see." he looked back down at me and I could tell he was checking me out. To be honest, I was checking him out, too. So I really didn't mind it. "Yeah..." I crossed my arms and looked behind him. I should play hard to get. a guy like him looks like he enjoys the chase. But then again, I suck at it.


"You wanna ditch her?" he asked. I looked up at him and gave him a look. "Ditch Claire? Why would I do that?" He laughed at me and I just continued to stare. "Because we both know once they get off the ride, she will be so into him you won't even exist the rest of the night." I looked up. He was right. She already looks like she is.


What the hell Violet , go for it. He's hot.


"Sure." I smiled knowing I'd probably get my ass chewed out later by her. I took out my phone and texted Claire really quick.


I gotta go now. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you and be safe! xxx


I left the fair with Harry and had a smile on my face.



**A/N: Will update tomorrow. Gotta run now. Love you all and I hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think so far. (: **

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