A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips



Isabelle's POV

"Ok they're a really late" Ashton groans

Calum is still in Detention and Luke and Mia are no where to be found

So it's just me, Michael, and Ashton

"I'm gonna call them" Ashton says going inside

"Finally" Michael says coming closer to me

"No way" I say playfully walking away

"I'm sorry baby, c'mon do you forgive me yet?" He looks at me with those piercing green eyes, amazing green eyes. They give me butterflies

I'm too weak

I walk up to him, wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his lips softly

"Yes" I whisper

He puts his arm around my waist and kisses my lips

Our lips move slow and soft

"Whoa sorry to interrupt" it was Ashton

My face turns pink and Michael separates himself from me

"So did they answer?" I ask Ashton

"Luke is coming now and so is Calum"

Then I see something in the corner of my eye, I turn to see a familiar girl...oh it's Rachel

"Rachel?" I say

Michael and Ashton quickly turn and Michael widens his eyes with shock and Ashton full of anger

"Hey Michael" she says sweetly

"Isabelle come with me" Ashton says taking my arm and drags me inside. What's going on?

Michaels POV

Ashton takes Isabelle inside and Ashton mouths 'get rid of her'

I turn my attention back to Rachel

"What are you doing here?" I ask

She comes closer to me "I need to talk to you"

When she's around all the bad memories come back...all of them

"Make it quick" I sigh

"Mikey" she says running her fingers through my hair, I back up

"I made a huge mistake cheating on you, I know it happened to you in the past before...and then I did it to you. I realized I'd never stopped loving you Michael"

Lies...I can tell

"Rachel look-"

She kisses my lips passionately and I stay still in shock

I begin to kiss her back pulling her closer to me and I rub her back

I feel her hands go up my shirt and realized this wasn't right

I push her off "Go Rachel, your not wanted here"

She looked mad but sad, she turned her heel but stopped

"I know you still love me" and she walked off

Do I? No, my heart is for Isabelle now

I walk inside and Ashton walks over to me

"Is she gone?" he asks


Isabelle's POV

I was really curious about Rachel

Maybe I'll ask him later

Soon Calum was in the garage with Mia and Luke. As we walked in Calum put his hands up

"I swear I had nothing to do with the boy bathroom prank!"

Michael laughs "We know"

"Can we start now?" Ashton asks sitting on his stool

"Yeah let's start" Luke wraps his guitar around him and so do Michael and Calum

Michael was so talented, and an amazing singer. Every time he sings his solos my heart literally jump out of my chest

~Michaels house~

"Can you teach me how to make a smoothie?" Ask Michael

I laugh at him "You don't know how to make the simplest thing in the world?"

He shook his head "I have a blender, but I don't know how to use it"

I sigh "Take it out"

~2 minutes later~

"C'mon Michael!"

"I don't which fruit goes first!"

I laugh "It doesn't matter"

"How much then?" Damn he so cute

"Just a hand full"

Finally he put it all in and pressed the button blend

"Wait Michael! Don't forget the-"

Too late

Smoothie was everywhere

Smoothie got on my hair and a bit on my shirt

Michael begins to laugh like crazy but I stomp off

"Baby" says Michael coming after me

"It's all over me" I whine playfully

"Me too" there was some on his hair and a whole lot on his shirt

I sigh run my finger through his hair

I leaned and kisses his lips passionately

His hands go down to my lower thigh and lift me up

His kisses go to my neck and I lean it back

Our lips smash together again and he rubs his tongue on my bottom lip

I tease him and keep my mouth shut

He smiles against my lips and kisses a sweet spot I'd never knew I had

"Michael" I moan tugging a piece of his hair

"Isabelle" he moans

We finally pull away and he puts me down and we catch out breath

"Let's clean that mess" I say "and remember the top next time"

"Oh, that's what it's for?" he say following me to the kitchen

I laugh at him "yes Mikey"

He pulls me closer "I like that"

"Like what?"

"When you call me Mikey"

I blush "I like it when you call me Belle" I say without thinking

He smiles and kisses my forehead "Belle" he whispers

Ugh my heart melts

I throw a rag at him "let's clean this mess"

After we are done, we are sitting on the couch

"I want to talk" he says playing with my hair

"About what?"

"You, tell me about you"

I sigh "Well my full name is Isabelle Skyler Vazquez"

He stops me "Your Mexican?"

I laugh "No, I'm half Puerto Rican and White, my dad's Hispanic and my mom is white"

I'm a little tan with my moms hazel eyes, but I have light brown hair and she has blonde

My dad is really tan with dark hair and eyes

"Cool, it explains your tan" he says poking my arm

"Shut up I'm not that tan" I say pushing his hand away

"Tell me more about you"

"I like rock punk bands and today's music, I prefer skirts instead of dresses, I love Italian, my favorite color is black, purple, and turquoise, dark chocolate is the best damn thing in the world, and I like writing"

"Writing huh?"

I look down "I wrote a couple of songs before"

He picks my head back up "Id love to see them"

I shake my head "They still need some work"

I need to ask him about Rachel

"Can ask you something Michael?" I say worried and look in his eyes

"Anything Belle"

"Who is this Rachel girl? I don't think she's a friend, and I can certainly tell that Ashton doesn't like her"

He sighs and looks down "She's my ex"

"What did she do?"

"She cheated on me, I dated her for 6 months and she was cheating on me for 4"

I take his hand "I'm sorry"

"4 fucking months, she slept with another boy and moved away with him! I couldn't trust anyone after that!" He said raising his voice and squeezing my hand

"Michael..." I was getting scared

"So many girls cheated on me...







Then... Rachel!!"he gripped tighter causing me to shriek

His eyes widened and lets go of my hand "I'm sorry Belle! I didn't mean to hurt you"

He put his arms around me and I rest my head on his shoulder

"It's ok, I understand you're hurt... I swear I'm not like those girls"

He looks in my eyes with his beautiful green eyes "I know"

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