A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips



I clean up a bit and I hear my mom come in

"Isabelle?" I walk towards her


"Hi" she says and looks around "what do you want?"

"What do you mean?"

"The house looks nice"

"Ehh, just cleaned up a bit" I walk upstairs "I'm gonna get get ready for bed"

"But it's 7:00" she says suspiciously

"Well it's school tomorrow"

She looks at me for another second "ok" and walks to the kitchen

I roll my eyes as I run to the bathroom and take a shower

After me shower I walk to my bedroom to see Michael playing with my phone

"Michael!" I whisper scream, but I start to giggle "What are you doing here?"

"I left my beanie, probably feel off" he walked up to me and pecked my lips

My face turns pink and I realized that I still was naked with a towel wrapped around me

"Well let me change first then I'll get it"

His eyes look down and up on my body, his face turns pink too

A sudden urge for me to move closer came and I did, our hips touched

He lightly moaned and began to kiss my neck

I was so close to dropping the towel, but Michael came back to reality

"Sorry baby"

"Let me get ready" I say taking a step back and walking in to my closet

I change into my big t-shirt and pajama shorts

I walk out and leave the room

"I'll be right back" I whisper to him "stay here"

I run downstairs and see his beanie on the floor, I quickly grab it and run back upstairs

I went to my room and handed it to Michael


"Why are you in PJ'S?"

"Well I told my mom I was going to bed early" I say sitting on my bed

"Mine if I join you?" He says

"Sure" I say without thinking and he smiles coming towards me

Our lips touch and move, then our tongues collide and dance

The paste gets quicker as I began to kiss his jawline

His hands rub against my back and he lays me down

He kisses and sucks my neck as his hips move around mine

"Isabelle?" I hear my mom

Michael swiftly get off me and hides under my bed

"Come In" I say putting the blanket over me, taking my glasses out and a book

She come in as I open the book to a random page

"Hey" I said

"Just checking up on you" she says looking around the room "good night"


When she left I quickly took of my glasses and throw the book across the room

Michael comes up and looks at the glasses in my hand

"You wear glasses?"

"Yeah, but I wear contacts for school, I look weird with glasses"

"I'll be the judge of that" he says taking them from me and putting them on my face

He stares at me for a second and a smile comes to his face

"Just when I thought you couldn't be more beautiful"

Michaels POV

She so gorgeous with her glasses

They match her hair color and make her eye color pop out more

Her skin is glowing

She's like an angel or princess

She takes them off blushing and sets them down on her bed stand

"I'm tired" she yawned laying down

I lay next to her and wrap my arms around her waist

I snuggled my nose to her neck and she giggled

"Good night Michael"

"Good night sweet beautiful Isabelle" I say and I can tell she's smiling

Isabelle's POV


That alarm clock again

I groaned and banged my alarm clock and it stopped

I turn to see Michael gone, there was a note and I read it

~Good Morning sweet princess

I left an hour early to get ready for school, stop by my house when you're done


I blush and notice he put and extra blanket on me, I do get cold easily at night

I brush my teeth and wash my face

I out on some skinny jeans, white T-shirt, and red flannel over it. I out on my doc Martin boots and curled a few pieces of my natural wavy hair

I applied a little makeup except no eyeshadow or liner

I ran downstairs to see Mom

"Hey" I say taking a banana

"Hi" she says "your dad told me you had a date on Friday"

Really dad? Fuck

"Uhh yeah"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know how you'd react" I say giving her the innocent look

"I don't know..." She sighs

"C'mon mom! You and dad started dating at 15! I'm 17 going to be 18 in two months"

"I want to meet him"

"He's the neighbor" I say quickly


"Two house down" I say

"Is that where your going now?"

"Yeah" I say taking my book bag and throwing my banana peel away

"Bye love you" I say quickly running out the door

I decided to go to his window and go through there

I climbed the back of his house and see him through the window

Oh my god, he had his jeans on and he was shirtless

He had muscular arms and I melt inside

He was fit and sexy

Disappointed as I saw him put on a shirt, I knocked in his window

He jumped and turned and I wave at him

He chuckles and opens the window

"I have a door" he says as I go in

"Nah" I said "Good Morning"

"Good Morning beautiful" he says kissing my lips softly and causing me to blush like crazy

"Where are your parents?" I ask

"I live alone"

My eyes widened "really?"

"Yep" he said popping the "p"

"I pay for the house rent and my parents pay for the rest"

"Wow, my parents would never do that"

"My parents would have done anything to get me out of the house" he says and I laugh

"You hungry?" He asks


We walk downstairs and he throws me a muffin

I notice all his foods were microwaveable

"Don't you know how to cook?" I ask him laughing


"I can teach you" I said playing around with the muffin

"You know how to cook?" I look down "yeah"

"Teach me master" he said in a deep voice and I laugh

"After school" I say taking a bite of the muffin

We walk to his car and he opens the door for me, sigh

The radio is on and Blink 182 Miss You was playing

I hum along to the song and Michael looks at me

"Do you know the entire song?" "Yeah, one of the best" I say. He takes a piece of my hair and twirls it around causing me to blush. Just do it Isabelle! Ask him!

"Um Michael?"


"I was just wondering...if I can call you my boyfriend?" I almost squeaked. He just smiles and takes my hand "If I can call you my girlfriend"

"Deal" I say quickly and he laughs takes my hand and kisses it

Ugh again this boy!

We park at the school and again, opens the door for me. "Thank you" I say running my fingers through his soft hair

He smiles and takes my hand and AGAIN I blush

"So are you guys official?" Someone says behind us

We turn to see Mia and Luke, holding hands smirking

"Yes" Michael says pulling me closer

"Awe" Mia said letting go of Luke's hand and nudging me

Michael let's go if my hand and begins to talk to Luke about something while Mia pulls me away

"I'm so happy for you! I heard you and Michael finally shared a real kiss!"


"So did y'all fuck yet?" Calum appears next to me

I roll my eyes "No Calum"

Mia rolls her eyes too "Your so annoying Calum"

He sticks his tongue at her and Ashton comes towards us. "Hey Belle! I heard Michael finally kissed you, how'd he do it?"


"Leave her alone guys!" Mia said bumping Ashton's head

"Hey!" He said rubbing his head

"It's a secret" I say crossing my arms. "A secret?" Ashton says

"They fucked! I knew it!" Calum yells, I sigh shaking my head

"Shut up Calum" Ashton says taking one of his books and running away

"ASHTON!" Calum yells running after him

Me and Mia laugh and I walk over to my locker, in the corner of my eye, I see Corbin starring at me with his deep blue eyes

He winks at me and walks off in my direction, he touches my butt and I turn to him

"Don't touch me Corbin" I say very pissed

"Or what baby?" He said

Mia appears "Leave Corbin" he laughs

"I'll get Michael" she says raising her eyebrow

He laughs "I'm not scared of Clifford or your sex toy Hemming's"

Mia is still smirking, Corbin looks confused

"Oh really?" Corbin turns to see Michael and Luke

They're tensed up and Michael looks like he's gonna pounce on Corbin any second now. Corbin chuckles and Luke takes an extra step closer. Corbin shakes and scoffs "Whatever" and speed walks away

"Did he touch you?" Luke asks Mia wrapping his arms around her

"No, he such a...ugh no words to describe him" I sigh and slam my locker "I don't think I want to be his partner this morning, that lab project is still going on"

"Don't worry" Michael said "I'll change that" he turns and walks another direction

"Where are you going?" Luke asks

"You'll see" Michael says and he was out of sight

Me and Mia take our stuff to first period and set our stuff down. "Where's Michael? He has to be here in 2 minutes or else detention" Mia groans

Soon we see Michael waltzing in smirking, he takes his seat and turns to me. "Hi" he said

I roll my eyes "what did you do?"

He smirks "you'll see"

Mr.Hobbs clapped his hands "Alright class! Today we shall finish-" he was interrupted by a few teachers and the principal

The principal had a nasty look on her face "Corbin Williams come with us!"

Corbin got all wide eyed "Why? I didn't-"

"I said come with us!" She repeated more stern "Sorry to interrupt your class Mr. Hobbs" she added before walking out the door with Corbin and the other teachers

Mr.Hobbs sighed "when will that kid learn" he mutters.

He looks around the room and sets his eyes on me "Isabelle, sense Corbin is no longer with us, you will-"

Again, he was interrupted. The lady in the front office brought a girl in who looked awfully familiar... No it can't be!

"Mr.Hobbs this is the new student Samantha, she will be taking your class"

"Welcome Samantha, take a seat over there" Mr.Hobbs said pointing at a empty corner

As Samantha walked to the seat, she made eye contact with me and a shock look came on her face

I can't believe she's here

-Flash back-

"Stop hiding Samantha!" I yell with tears in my eyes "We need each other!"

"Go away Isabelle! You'll never understand!" Samantha goes to her room and slams her bedroom door

"She was my friend too! Don't think I don't understand!"

"She was like a sister to me! I knew sense we were 3! Now she's gone!"

I dry my tears "I'm still here Sam" I say softly

"No! You are gonna leave me! They always do! Go away before you regret it! Before I regret it!" Samantha yelled through the door

The tears come back and run out the apartment

-Flash back ends-

"Isabelle, you will finish the project with Samantha"

I sigh and walk over to Mr. Hobbs "I need to go to the lab again, I didn't finish yesterday with Corbin"

He hands me a pass and I walk to Samantha "We need to go to the lab"

"Ok" she said angrily getting up and following me

As we walk down the hallways I wanted to break the silence


"Save it" she snaps

"What is wrong with you?" I say stopping crossing my arms

"You said you wouldn't leave! You were my best friend and you fucking left!"

"I didn't have a choice!"

"You did Isabelle! You know you did, but you chose to leave"

I sigh and look down feeling the tears comeback "You pushed me away, I was upset and lonely...your not the only one that misses Kat... I do too"

"Don't say her name!" She snaps "let's just do what that dumb teacher asked us to do" and she continues to walk and I follow

"Besides" she mutters "I'm only gonna be here for a week then I'm going back"

-after class-

I'm in the janitors closet crying, my phone goes crazy

Mia: Where are you!

C'mon Belle!

Are you hurt?


I sigh and start typing

Isabelle: Sorry Mia, I'm in the janitors closet

Soon it busts open and I see Mia

"Belle, what's wrong?" She asks closing the door

"Samantha... she was my best friend in New York...and she left me...and hates me"

Mia sat next to me and hugged me "Well I'm not Samantha, I'm not gonna leave you Belle"

I hug her back "Thank you Mia"


"Best Friends"


"Ew gross Mia!" I say as she threw her soggy sand which at me

She laughs and I roll my eyes and take out my granola bar

She eyes me "You have real food?". "Yep, but your not getting any because you threw your sand which at me"

She groans and Michael comes and sits next to me

"Ugh this school is trying to poison us with this food" he groans

Mia points at me "She has real food and won't share"

I glare at her "C'mon it's just granola bar"

Michael begins to tickle me "Give it" he says

I begin to laugh "Michael no stop!" I squeal and he finally takes it from my hand

I stick my tongue at him "No kisses for you then"

"No I'm sorry!" He says giving it back to me

"Hmmm I'll think about it" I say and he pouts

Then a book bag just landed on top of Michael

"OW" he said running his head

Ashton comes up "Sorry mate, I meant for it to land on the table"

"Ugh work on your aim" Michael said smacking his head

Luke came and sat down next to Mia wrapping his arm around her "Calum isn't coming"

"Why not?"

"He's in detention"

Mia groans "What did he do?"

"Corbin spray painted the bathrooms and Calum was around in the act, so he was a suspect"

Me, Mia, and Luke shoot Michael a glare

"Let's just go, Calum will come later on" Ashton says

We stand up and Mia whispers in my ear "Drive with Michael, me and Luke are gonna take a detour"

I roll my eyes smiling "Have fun" I say as she walks over to her car

I go in the car with Michael and he tries to lean and kiss me

"No no" I say pushing him away "I still have to think about it"

Mia's POV

"Let's hurry" Luke says as we park in a abandoned parking lot

I unbuckle myself and was on top of him

He kisses my lips passionately and I wrap my arms around his neck

He kisses my neck and I slip of my shirt and he does with his

He groans as kiss his chest

When our lips touch again, he reclines the seat

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