A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips



-Friday after school-

I walk home quickly

I walk into my house and run upstairs

I wash my face and put BB cream, concealer, a little powder, a little blush, and mascara

I curled little pieces of my hair, my hair is naturally wavy. So I didn't do much

I put on the outfit me and Mia picked out

I add a little spritz of my favorite perfume

Now I wait... Guess I got ready to quick

I watch my favorite show until I hear the door bell

I turn off the tv and check my self in the mirror

Good, I look presentable

I open the door and see Michael

He has a simple t-shirt with jeans and he smells like cologne and garage

"Hey" he says

"Hey" I said closing my door

"Shall we my lady?" He says in a corny British accent

I laugh "we shall"

He opens his car door for me, so sweet

"So where are we going?" I ask

"A strippers club" he says his face totally serious


"I'm joking" he starts laughing

I hit his arm "Not funny" but then I start laughing

"But seriously" I said still laughing a bit

"Well sense your new to Australia, thought I show you the best parts if it"

I smile at him

He takes me around their biggest mall, and it was big! We walked around a bit and he showed me where he worked

He worked at a shoe place with a bunch of old men, they were so super nice and funny

Two of them where from Scotland and they were my favorite

"Aye Mickey" said one of them whispering too loud and referring him as "Mickey" the mouse

"Is that the lassie you been talking about all afternoon yesterday?"

Michael looks over at me "Yeah it's her"

I look down and blush, ugh what is this boy doing to me!

"She a pretty lassie Michael,I think she's out of your league" the other one chuckles causing the other men too

I giggle and Michael blushes

"She is, I'm lucky"

He really feels that way?

"Hey Mickey! Play this guitar for her! We shall do the dance break!" The other old men cheered

"Dance Break?" I whisper to Michael

"It's what we do every time we're on break"


The other men come out with other instruments and begin to play, Michael strums the guitar with a smile

The men began to dance, the music was so fun too. I smile as I watch the men dance around

Then the old Scottish man came to me and took out his hand "Dance with us"

"Ok" I take his hand and he spins me around. I giggle and follow their movements

"You're good!" Said the old man "Aye Mickey it's my turn to strum the guitar! Dance with your lassie!"

I blush as Michael stands up and hands the guitar to him, everyone pushes Michael towards me

I giggle "Hey there"

Michael takes my hand and his face turns pink

"Let's dance"

He spins me around and everyone shouts "Hooray!"

I laugh and Michael spins me around again

"You're a good dancer" I whisper to him

"So are you" he whispers back winking

We all stop when a man in is late 30s or 40s comes out saying "alright men! Back to work!"

"Nice meeting you Princess Belle" the old Scottish man says

"Princess?" I turn to Michael and his face was pink

"Oh, well Mickey here said you were like a beautiful magical pri-"

"I think we should get going " Michael says quickly and then man chuckles

"Bye Mickey and Isabelle!" Yell the other men as we walk out the door

"They were nice, you got your own little family back there" I say

"Yeah I'm glad you like them" Michael said smiling at me

He holds my hand as we walk towards the exit and into his car

"So where are we going next?" I ask as I buckle myself

"It's a surprise" Michael said winking

"You and your games" I sigh

"You love them" he said smirking

I stick my tongues out at him and he chuckles

He parks his car and gets out, before I can open the door, he runs over and opens the doer for me

"Such a gentleman" I say blushing

"Anything for you" he says kissing my hand

Ugh I swear he's turning me on!

He takes my hand and we walk up a hill, it's was pretty steep and I almost slip

"I got you" he says pulling me up


"Don't worry" he starts "it's gonna be worth it"

"I trust you" I say smiling

We finally reach the top and I gasp in awe

It was so beautiful, there was a big lake with people swimming in it, a large field with a trail

Everywhere was pretty little flowers and trees, it was breath taking

"It's so beautiful!"

"Worth it?" He asks


He takes my hand and leads me to a big tree and leans against the stump, I lay down next to him

"What do you think of Australia so far?" Ha says taking a piece of my hair and twirling it

"It's so beautiful, I love it"

Michael looks off the the distance

"I uses to come to this tree a lot when I was younger"

I stand up straight "you did?"

"Yeah, I was an only child so I got bored and lonely. Sense I was an only child I was spoiled, my parents began to buy me new stuff and that's pretty much how I got most of my past girl friends"

I feel a bit jealously burn in me but I push it away

"My only friend was Calum, but he never told me I acted like a spoiled jerk. Luke was the only one that stood up to me and we hated each other. To make things worse, Calum started talking with Luke"

"Wow" I say "How did you and Luke become friends then?"

"Well, one day he was listening to something familiar and asked if it was Green day and it was. We started talking about which song was our favorite and we just clicked"

"Awe" I say

"What's so cute" he asked tickling me

I laugh and slap his hands away "That you guys became friends, it's sweet"

He smiles and rubs his hand on my face

I close my eyes and lean on him, I never felt so happy

We leave and go to Starbucks, I told him I never had one so he decided to take me

He orders both of us a Mocha frapuccino and we wait for our drink

"I'll be right back" I say standing up "I have to go to the bathroom"

"Ok" he smiles

Michael POV

She's been so great, so talkative and always laughing

She looked very pretty today too, her hair smelled sweet and eyes glow

I never felt so happy


I turn

No... It can't be


She has ombré hair and blue eyes, she seems tanner and her hair is nice and shiny

She's still so beautiful

But she's like a demon dressed like an angel

-flash back-

"You what!" I yell

"I'm sorry Michael!" Tears coming down Rachel's face "I should've told you"

"I gave you my love, my care, my protection for freakin 6 months! And you were cheating on me for those 4?!"

"I'm sorry Michael!" Rachel sobs

Tears come down my face "Why Rachel?"

She sighs "I love him Michael"

My heart felt like it's been torn apart

"I'm moving to Florida with him in 2 weeks. I'm sorry Michael, but you weren't enough. I had sex with him Michael"

I feel the tears coming, My Rachel. The love of my life

"I'm sorry" she whispers and takes off the necklace that I gave her and walks out of the house

-Flash back over-

"How have you been?" She asks

"Umm..." I stutter "I've been good... I thought you moved to Florida?"

"I did" she said looking down "But, me and Dylan...broke up"

Dylan, the boy she had loved instead of me

"Really?" I say raising my voice a little causing two people to look our way

"Yeah" she says not even looking at me "so I came back"

"Hey Michael" I turn to see Isabelle walking towards us

"Who's this?" She said sweetly and smiling, she so polite

"It's a friend of mine" I say "Isabelle this is Rachel"

Isabelle smiles "Hi"

Rachel smiles back "Nice to meet you, I got to get going"

Rachel takes her purse "See you around Michael, Isabelle" and walks out the door

Isabelle sits back on the chair next to me "She seems nice"

"Yeah" I answer low

"Are you ok?" She put her hand on my shoulder. I look up at her and smile "Yeah, let's get our drinks and go" I say quickly


We take our drinks and she takes a small sip

"This is good!" She says taking another large sip

"Told ya" I say winking and she blushes

Isabelle's POV

He takes me home, but he's been kind of upset ever sense he talked to that Rachel girl, I wonder what happened between them

He walks me to my door step and I smile

"Thanks for the date, it was fun"

"Glad you liked it" I tucks a piece if hair behind my ear "see you around"

He hesitates a little, then kisses my cheek

I blush but also can't help but feel disappointment

I kind of expected one on the lips

"Good night" I say and walk in my house and close the door

Michaels POV


I was going to kiss her on the lips! Why didn't i?

"Fuck fuck fuck..." I mutter to myself as I go to my car

Isabelle's POV

I dial Mia's number and put it on speaker as I undress myself

She answers immediately

"How did it go!" I hear a familiar voice

"Luke! Give me the phone!" I hear Mia yell is the back

"Just let me put it on speaker!" Luke relies

"Hi" I say laughing

"Hey girl!" Mia says "What did you and-"

"DID YALL FUCK?" I hear Calum scream

"Calum! Go away" Mi snaps, then I hear a loud bang

"Ow!" I hear Calum groan

"No we didn't" I say laughing

"But did you kiss?" I hear Ashton now, guess they're all there

"Not exactly" I say sighing

There was silence

"What do you mean?" I hear Mia

"He kissed me on the cheek"

"The fuck!" I hear Luke yell

"Yeah, he's been acting a bit funny after he talked with this girl at Starbucks"

"What girl?"

"Her name was Rachel"

Dead silence

Then I hear muttering 'what the fuck is she doing back in Australia!' and 'Holy crap'

"Hello? Do you guys know who she is?"

"Uhh" I hear Mia "She's an old friend"

"Friend my ass" I hear Ashton mutter

"I got to go" I say "see you guys later"

"Byyyeeeees" I hear Luke and Calum say

Michael POV

Ring ring

My phone rings as I park my car in the driveway

I answer "Hello?"

"It's Ashton" he sounds angry

"Hey man, wh-"

"Get your fuckin ass over here now!"

"What happened?"

"You'll see" and he hangs up

I sigh and start my car and drive over to Luke's house, when we have a meeting, band practice, or just plain hanging out is always Luke's house

I saw Ashton's car and parked beside it, Ashton was outside waiting

I get out of the car

"What's going on man?"

"Come inside" he walks in and I follow

He shuts the door and I walk into the kitchen where Luke, Calum, and Mia were

"You kissed her on the cheek!" Luke says


"So! Who are you and what have you done to Michael?" Calum yells

"Why are you guys freaking out about this?"

"Is it because of Rachel?" Mia asks

How do they know!

"How did you-"

"Isabelle told me you acted a bit strange after you talked to Rachel, what happened?" Mia says

I sigh "She's back from Florida because that Dylan guy broke up with her"

Luke snorts "it's what she deserves"

"I'm still mad at you mate!" Yells Ashton

"Why!" I yell back

"Rachel affected you! You hurt the poor Isabelle because Rachel showed up!"

"No I didn't! Why do you fucking care!"

"Because your my best mate! I hated seeing you hurt the past year! Isabelle came in! But you took her out and put Rachel back in! You kept thinking about her and that ruined your moment with Belle! A moment that could've changed everything! No more pain and trust issues!"

Ashton stormed out of the house slamming the door

He's my best mate, I have to do something

I run out the door "Ash wait!"

He turns "What?"

"I'm sorry ok? You're right... I did let Rachel back in"

Ashton sighs "I just don't want you to get hurt again, I care for you! You're like a brother to me"

I look down "How do you know Isabelle's not like the rest?"

Ashton puts his hand on my shoulder "She's different...you know it"

She is, she's not like the rest

She likes my taste in music, she's talkative and fun

She's special

Isabelle's POV

It's Sunday afternoon

Should I call?

I should

I see Michaels number and press call

Ring ring ring

Still ringing

Will he answer?

"Hey" he answers

"Uh hi" I say shakily

"Hey baby what's up" he called me baby

"Uh you just didn't call yesterday and I was worried"

"Crap! Sorry I was busy with work all day yesterday"

I laugh "it's fine, what are you doing now?"

"I just came back from work so nothing"

I sigh, just do it "Do you wanna come over?"

"Sure, are your parents home? If not let's have sex" he say, but I can tell he's joking

"Funny" I say "But I'm home alone right now so I'm bored

He laughs "ok see you in a few"

"Bye" I hang up

I put regular jeans, my favorite Rolling Stones t-shirt, and put my hair in a ponytail

Ding ding

He's here

I open the door to see Michael in a white t-shirt with skinny black jeans and a beanie

Damn this boy looks hot with a beanie

"Hey there stranger" I say letting him in

He laughs "hey"

As he walks in he takes the elastic out of my hair and my hair falls

"Hey!" I say taking the elastic from him

"I like your hair down, you look hot" I blush

"I guess I'll keep my hair down more often then" I say winking at him

He blushes and we walk over to the couch and sit on it

"So" I ash to start something "How's work? With your little family"

"They're fine, they like you a lot"

"Awe, I like them too. Thanks for letting me meet them"

He looks down "You are the first girlfriend that has meet them"

"Really? None of your past girlfriends went to your work or met them?"


"Why me?"

He looks deep in my eyes "You're different...special"

I blush like crazy and realized he moved closer to me

"I made a mistake yesterday" he whispers in my ear


"They way I kissed you"

My face turns pink "oh"

Then he pressed his lips against mine, our lips move in sync

His lips were soft and sweet sending me butterflies in my stomach

We let go and look in each other's eyes, his hands on my hips

"You are forgiven" I whisper

He smiles moves me closer almost on his lap

"Wanna watch a movie?" He suggested


We scroll through Netflix arguing about which movie we wanted to watch

"What's this?" I ask landing on a movie

"It's Mean Girls, you never seen it?"

"I think I heard of it"

He laughs "Luke is gonna kill you"

"Well then let's watch it so I don't get killed"

The movie was good, it had some funny parts and I couldn't stop laughing

At the end of the movie I realized that Michaels arm was wrapped around me and my head laid on his shoulder

I snuggled closer to his and he kisses the top of my head

"You like the movie?"

"It was good"

He turns me around "Isabelle?"

"Yes" I say moving closer

"Can I kiss you again?"

"Mh hm" I say and I press my lips against his

He deepens the kiss and I moan in his lips

He cups my face and I lay back on the couch

He hovers over me and begins to kiss my neck, I feel his hands go up inside my shirt

I decided to play hard to get

"Whoa there" I whisper in his ear, pushing his hands away

"Sorry" he whispered, kissing my neck once more before sitting up

I sit up and twirl a piece of his bright red hair

"Have you dyed your hair before?"

"Yeah, a bunch"


"Brown, dark brown, purple, violet, black, green, hot pink, blue, white..."

"Wow, what's your natural hair?"

"I'm a blonde" he said smiling

"I would like see your natural hair on you"

"Soon maybe"

My phone buzzed and I see it's a text from mom

Mom😒: Hey, I'll be home in a few

"Shit" I muttered

"What?" He said looking at my phone

"My mom is coming"

"She hates me?"

"No, she's just overprotective...and doesn't know I had a date with you Friday"

"What about your dad?"

"He was ok with it..it's just my mom is way-"

"I get it" he says rubbing my face "I'll leave"

I huff, I didn't want him too...but he'd be dead if he didn't

We walk to the door and I kiss his cheek

"See you tomorrow?"

"Of course" he pecks my lips and walks out the door

As I close the door, I lean on the door and my back slides down

Ugh this boy drives me crazy

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