A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


14. Sorry


I feel so terrified all of the sudden, I push him off whispering "Stop, I can't do this". I felt so small and weak, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide. I slowly look up at him, his green eyes staring into my soul, he just bites his lip and sits up straight. Then, he smiles

"It's okay Isabelle, I shouldn't have-"

"It was me" I say cutting him off

"No, me. I shouldn't have pushed it I mean it's only been a month-"

I cut him off again "Almost two" I giggle and he smiles big "Yeah, almost two"

I kiss his nose and we get off the bed, he looks around my room while I put my shorts back on. He scratches his neck

"Damn you have a lot of boxes" He laughs and I groan "Yeah now shut up and help me". Unpacking was actually a lot of fun, Michael kept picking on me from the stuff I had especially my baby pictures. 


"Awe you were so cute" He giggles at one and I snatch it "What do you mean were?" I say raising an eyebrow and putting my hand on my hip. He smiles "You're beautiful now" I blush and look down. When I put the picture on my desk, he cups my face and kisses my softly 

It was a soft slow kiss, I enjoyed every second

"Wow you have a lot of bracelets" My heart beat faster 

"Yeah, they're my favorite" I smile

Thats it for now! HS started 3 weeks ago and theres already so much! Ugh! well the next update will be with Where Ever You Are so yeah! Love you guys!

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