A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


15. New chapter

""Maybe a...shirt? No" I'm trying to think of something I can give to Michael, its been two months now! I know the monthly anniversaries are kinda cliche but I wanna give him something!

I look around my now cleaner and organized room, thanks to Michael, to see if there's anything here

A collage? Me and Michael love taking pictures together! Alright!

I was able to print out some pictures of us when I get a call

Without looking at the Caller ID, I answer


"It's Calum"

"Oh hey Cal, what's up?"

"Um I need you to pick me and Michael up"

"What's going on? Why didn't Michael call me?"

"Well his phone died and we are kinda in the middle of the desert"

I hear muffles and I hear my favorite voice

"Hey Belle"

"Hey, how did you guys get there?"

"We'll explain later, can you get to the Mali Desert?" ( it's a random name I made up)

"The one with all those trails right?"


"Alright" I bite my lip " I'll see you then"

"Okay, I l-" he pauses

"What was that?" I ask

"Nothing, see you soon" he hangs up

I know mom and dad aren't home and the only car here is that damn minivan

So I drove away with a Big Blue Van

When I got to the trails, I spent a while looking for them when I finally found them

Michaels platinum blonde hair was in a snapback and he was wearing a muscle tee showing off his toned arms and tattoos

He's so hot oh my

Calum was also in a muscle tee, his arms were quite muscular and he wore sunglasses

Calum is hot too I must say

Calum sees me first and laughs

I roll my eyes and keep driving pretending I don't see him

"Wait! I'm sorry!" I see Calum running after the van and I laugh and stop getting out of the car

"How did you guys get lost? I heard these trails were super easy"

Calum just scratches his head "I don't know, wrong route I guess"

I roll my eyes and Michael come towards me and kisses me

"Hey" he say

"Hello" I peep

"Bye" Calum says

I blush

"I CALL SHOT GUN" Calum yells as he quickly gets inside the van

Michael rolls his eyes and gets in while I get in the drivers seat

"Can we get food?" Calum asks 

"Sure, where?"

"I don't know a place with food. Oh and first lets stop by at Ash's place because I-"

"I am not your personal chaperone" I laugh and he groans loudly

"That's just gonna make me want to leave you here" I snap and he pouts

"Dang Clifford your girlfriend is mean" 

"I love it, so demanding" Oh his deep aussie voice sends me chills down my spine

My phone rings and I ask Calum to answer it

"YO YO YO ITS PUPPY DAWG ON BELLE'S PHONE" He answers and I rolls my eyes and Michael laughs

Calum puts it on speaker 

"You dick face where is Isabelle?" I hear Mia's voice and I laugh

"Bitch" Calum mutters

"Heard that" Mia answers and I take the phone 

"Hey Mia"

"Hey Belle, are you with Calum?"

"And Michael, why?"

"You guys want to meet up at the Pizza joint? Got Luke and Ash with me"

"YES FOOD!" Calum smiles big

"Guess that's a yes, see ya there"

I hang up and Calum does a little dance in his seat

I look in the rear view mirror and see Michael, he's staring right back at me

He smiles and I blush, damn this boy

I also see he's on his phone. He's texting somebody....


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