A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


13. new chapter


I wake up with the sun shining on my face. I groan and sit up running my hand through my hair. I look at my arm for a second. Damn I'm so tan, why does everyone think I'm all white? Probably my eyes.


Online school, might as well do it now. I walk over to my desk and open my laptop, I know my parents aren't home. They are usually at work at this time so house to myself. The assignment was boring, find facts about Australia and make an essay and also a math sheet.




Its already 12 and I'm still not done with the math sheet, I'm dumb at math. I struggled with it for years and It still doesn't make any sense!


I decide to take a shower and freshen up. I spend forever in there washing my hair and using all these fancy body washes I never knew I had.


It feels good to kind of, pamper myself I guess. I walk out surprised. Wow I really need to unpack stuff, theres like 20 boxes...in each corner


​I groan as I sit back in my seat and I receive a text


From Michael

​This assignment is killing me Im so done!!! What are you doing? And good morning princess ;)


Oh this boy, I answer back


Its afternoon smart one, and yes my prince its is killing me too. Nothing much but thinking of you <3


I send and he reply's


Prince? Thinking of me? lol stop flirting with me jeez




No stop is damn hot! and mind if I come over?


lol. and no unless u want to help me unpack 1,000,000,000,000 boxes


Anything is fun with you <3 See ya in a few


Shit! He lives like right freaking there! I quickly change into clothes. I put on underwear and a bra. I pick a cute tank top and my nike shorts. I brush through my hair. I hear, laughing?


I look and see Michael waiting by the window. Damn that was fast.


I sigh and open the window and he presses his lips on mine.


"I missed you so much" He mumbles. I giggle in his lips


"Its been like what, 14 hours?" 


"Feels like forever" He deepens the kiss and tug on his hair. His hands go to my hips and I jump on his waist. We moan and he lays me on the bed, he slowly grinds on me kissing my neck. 




He slowly takes of my shorts and I was in my panties. He grinds harder and I moan and suck on his neck


Then I do something I regret...


Cliff hanger ;)





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