A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


9. New chapter

"Let's have a Girls Night!!"Mia squeals, we were at her locker

"Sure, who's house?"

"Let's do mine sense my parents are out of town"

"Sound good" I said smiling

Let's just hope my mom doesn't bother me about it

"Everyone to the gym for a school meeting" the intercom spoke

"What's going on?" Mia asked

"Well let's find out" me and Mia walk to the gym for this meeting

We sit on the bleachers and principal silenced everyone

"We are going to be out of school for a month because of water damage and-"

Everyone cheered! No school for a month?!

"BUT" the principal yelled and everyone groaned

"You will continue school online" ugh of course

"Today is your last day and tomorrow you will so virtual learning, you are dismissed"

"Well at least we don't have to wake up so early" Mia groaned as we walk in our first class

(Schools over)

"Mom!?" I yelled as I walk inside, no answer

"Hey honey" I jumped and see my dad

"You scared me!"

"Just came to get something's for work, everything ok?"

"I'm going to a friends house later"

He cocked his eyebrow "How are you getting there?"

I look down "I plan on walking"

He sighs and looks at his watch "I have to leave in 15 minutes...I can drive you"

I smile "Thanks, let me get my stuff"

I run upstairs and get a text from mom

Mom😒: Are you home?

Me: yeah, I'm going to a friends

Mom😒: Do I know them?

Me: no...

Mom😒: Then no you won't go

Me: I'm leaving already soooo


I feel tears come, why was she like this! I started breathing heavily and grabbed my blade and did a cut

"Isabelle!" I turn to see my dad with tears in his eyes

He begins to sob and looks at me "Why?"

I look down crying "You wouldn't understand...let's just go"

I walk past him to the car and we had long silenced ride, when we finally reach the house he stops me

"Isabelle..." He takes my hand as kisses it. I do a small smile

"Bye dad" and I walk out the car to Mia and Calum's house

I ring the doorbell and Mia answers it quickly

"Hey girl!" She hugs me and I hug back

We go inside and I get tackled by Calum

"Calum what the fuck?" I push him off me

He shrugs and I laugh rolling my eyes at him

"I have the living room ready!" She squealed and I follow her

She has the movie Mean Girls on and starbucks with a bunch of desserts

"YAY" Calum squeals and sits next to us

"I don't think so little brother" Mia says pushing him off the couch

He pouts his lip and we both laugh


We rolled our eyes and watched the movie

Half of the time we talked and stuffed our faces with desserts

In the end of the movie, me and Mia are arguing who should get the last brownie

"You had all the cupcakes!"

"Because you ate all the chocolate bars!"

I rolled my eyes and reach for it and she tackles me

"Get off!" I laughed and she pinned me to the floor and uses her other hand to reach for the brownie

I push her throw a pillow at her


We begin to have a pillow fight

Then we see the brownie is gone

"Ah hem" we turn to see Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael

Luke had the brownie in his hand

"Luke" Mia whined

"Sorry babe, this for me and the boys"

Mia jumped on Luke's back

"Catch!" Luke throws it to Michael

"NO!" I jumped on Michael and he spins me around

"Michael stop!" I squeal and I giggle

He knocks me down on the couch and I pout my lips "Meanie"

"Nah nah" he said kissing my forehead

"Thank you very much" Calum said taking the brownie from Michael and putting it in his mouth

"Hey!" Ashton cried "You used us?"

"Yep!" Calum smiled

"Bitch!" Luke threw a pillow at his face

Soon we were all having a big pillow fight, Michael takes me and put us under a blanket while everyone else continues to throw pillows at each other

Michael hovers over me and smiles "Hey"

I blush "Hi"

He kisses my neck and then my forehead "Sorry we took your brownie"

I giggle "It's fine, I was eating too much anyways" I answer insecurely

He pecks my lips "Your body is so damn sexy, I like curvy girls"

I blush and kiss his lips "I like boys who dye their hair" I blurt out stupidly

He chuckles and kisses back

"EWW if your gonna have sex go upstairs!" I hear Ashton yell and Michaels face turns pink

I giggle "Your gonna wait a long time for that" I whisper and he pouts his lip

He removes the blanket and I was dragged away and upstairs by Mia

"Stupid boys" she mutters and I laugh

"How long have you and Luke been together?" I ask as I sat on her bed

"Almost two years, why?"

I smile "Just want to know, you guys are so cute"

She blushes "we are aren't we?"

I giggle

"You and Michael are so cute too! Michael always talks about you"

I blush "yeah, he so amazing...I really like him"

She raised her eyebrow at me "Are you sure?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well...do you love him?"


Such a big word

The most painful thing in the world and also the best

Do I?

"I...don't know"

Michaels Pov

"I...don't know" she says

I sigh quietly and lean my back against the wall

Do I love her?

I been trying to be careful and not fall in love so easily so I don't make the same mistake

I don't know if I'm ready, to use the word love

But she's not either

We have time

I walk back downstairs

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