A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


4. New chapter


Ugh stupid alarm clock

I silenced my alarm clock and saw the fuzzy numbers 6:00am

I stand and walk downstairs for breakfast

When I walk downstairs I see my dad sitting on the kitchen table

"Oh... Hey dad"

"You seem surprised to see me"

"Well you are usually at work at this time"

"Well I leave in an hour"

"Oh" I said ruffling my hands, I walk to the kitchen and serve myself cereal

"So how's school?"

"Great, I made a couple of friends"

"Really? Already on the first day?"

I had a history of not making a lot of friends in the past

"Yeah, they're great"

"Any boys?"

Mmm yes, a delicious bright colored hair guy with green eyes.

"Yeah... I actually..."

Should I tell my dad I have a date on Friday? Well I'm 17 going to be 18 in 2 months, I should be allowed to date

"Have a date on Friday" I say quickly

"Really?" He chuckles a bit "don't tell your mother"


I finish up my breakfast and my dad leaves for work. It was nice talking to him for a bit, he's barley home

My mom was still asleep so I just brush my teeth and for makeup I just put concealer, blush, and mascara

For my outfit I out my Blink 182 t shirt and some jeans with converse

As I was about to walk out my door until I remembered... My scar

To cover my cuts with my big chunky silver bracelet, I don't have many so it wasn't noticeable

"Bye Mom" I say as I walk out the door. I hear her groan upstairs but I just leave

I decided to walk sense the school isn't that far

As I'm walking I hear a beep, I turn to see this grey convertible stop next to me

Michael poked his head out the window "Are you walking to school?"

"Yep going green" I tease

"Hop in greeny"

I stuck my tongue out at him and hop in his car

It smelled like vanilla

He leaned in closer to me "you smell nice"

"Thanks you don't" I tease

We both laugh, but I stop

"I'm just kidding... You do too"

He did, he smelled so sweet and yummy. I wonder what cologne he used

He tugged my shirt "Is this Blink 182?"

I smiled at him, he knows my favorite bands "Yeah! They're cool"

He smiled a big smile "Wow, Green day and Blink 182! Where have you been all my life"

I giggle "I could say the same"

Michael POV

Wow... She was amazing

So fun and talkative

She loves Green day and Blink182

Rachel or none of my past girlfriends had ever cared for them

Isabelle was... Different

It was perfect

Isabelle POV

He parked in the student parking and we get out of the car

"Thanks for the ride"

"No problem, do you need ride back home after school?"

"No, I'm driving with Mia"

We go inside the school and I walk to my locker

25, 49, -


I jumped up gasping and turn seeing Mia and Luke

"Oh crap guys you scared me!"

Luke made puppy face "Sowey"

I laugh and Mia did little hops "I'm so excited for you Belle! Your first date with Michael!"

"When is it?" Luke asked

"Friday" I answered causally

"And you are getting all excited now?" He bumped Mia's shoulder

Mia glared at him "Excuse me, but when you first asked me out on a WEDNESDAY, the date was until SATURDAY! The rest of the week you-"

Luke covered her mouth "ok ok I see your point"

I giggle a little then open up my locker and grabbed my stuff

"Oh crap" Mia muttered


"We have that stupid chemical thingy project today in 1st period"

"And that's bad because..."

"I wore my good clothes today!"

Me and Luke just laugh and Mia kiss Luke goodbye and me and her walk to class

Michael was already there and I take my seat behind him

He smiled at me and twirled a piece of my hair

Mia bumped his arm "already getting flirty I see"

I look down blushing and a loud clap made us jump

"Good Morning class" Mr.Hobbs "We will have a Chemical project"

Mr. Hobbs came around with a hat "You will pick a piece of paper and who ever it is, will be your partner"

He passes around until he got to Michael "Pick Mr. Clifford"

He had Mia, Great now I can't be with either of them

Mr. Hobbs put the hat next to me "Pick"

I picked up the first piece of paper I saw and read it "Corbin"

I look around and see the boy with wavy brown hair that called me out yesterday. He winked at me

"Good Luck" Mr. Hobbs muttered

When Mr. Hobbs finished we all moved next to our partners

"Hey sexy" Corbin says as I take a seat next to him

"Hi" I say

"I hear your from New York"

"Yeah I am... Boston"

"Are there sexy girls like you there?"


Mr. Hobbs handed me instructions and the liquids

I worked most of the time while Corbin kept asking me questions about my... Sexiness

"We should go to the Library to write up the report" Corbin suggested

"Ok" I say softly

He got up and got us passes for the library and w walk into the empty hallway

Corbin was cute, wavy brown hair and storm blue eyes. Tall and bit muscular

"So" I began "we need to make sure the paper-"

He pushed me into a closet, janitors closet and lock the door

"What are you doing!"

He leaned in and kissed my neck "I wanted to do this sense I first saw you"

I tried to push him off, but he was too strong

He held me tight and kissed my lips, then he leaned me against the wall and his hips touched mine

He began to move his hips and moaned

I bit my lip and tried to kick him

"A bit feisty huh?" He said softly in my ear

He grabbed some rope and tied my hands behind my back, he laid me on the hard floor and took off my jeans

He kissed my thighs, holding me down. I feel tears coming on my face

He got up and smirked at me "I'll be right back"

He left and I tried to grab my phone, which was in the jeans

I feel it and decide to trust Siri, because I really can't type it

"Help Corbin locked me in janitors closet" I say softly and quick in case he came back

I said "send" and hope they get it

I put my phone back where it was just in time to see Corbin come back

He had a condom in his hand! Was he crazy!?

He laid on top of me kissing my lips and licking my neck

He stopped as we both heard keys jingling, then Mia and Michael burst in!

"What the hell Corbin!" Mia yells

Michael face was furious and he picked up Corbin by his shirt and slapped him hard across the face

Corbin tried to fight back, but Michael was stronger

Mia untied me and helped me up "OMG are you ok?"

"Yes I am, thanks" I hugged her

"Anytime" she smiled and hand me my jeans

Right, Michael is here and I have no jeans on and he realizes it

His face turns pink "I'll wait outside" he says shakily

Mia just chuckles as I put my jeans back on

I stand up and grab my phone laying on the floor, I walk out the door and see Corbin running down the hallway

"Some lab partner" I murmur and Mia hands me my book bag

Then the bell rings loud and everyone busts out of the classrooms

Me, Mia, and Michael get shoved by the students in the crowded hallway and TRY to get to our next class

-End of the day-

"Some day huh?" Mia says as we walk to her car

"Yeah, I'm just glad it's over"

"Me too! We can pick out your outfit now for the date!" She clapped her hands

I just laugh and get in her car, I was excited too!

We are at my house now and I unlock the door

We go upstairs to my room

"Ooo" Mia says "I love your room! These designs on the wall are so cute"

I laugh and sit on my bed "my closet is over there" I point at it

We choose a solid black t-shirt with skinny jeans and my white converse

I notice Mia staring at something, something on my desk

"Ummm Mia?"

"Huh? Oh sorry I zoned out for a bit" she says quickly

I laugh "it's fine"


I saw it

The blade

She cuts?

She is the last person I thought that would be doing this


She is so light and talkative

She's always laughing and seems to love life

She seems happy

It doesn't make sense

I know a cutting blade when I see one, my cousin used to do it

I shouldn't say anything

I just met her

I should wait...

Isabelle's POV

Mia leaves about an hour later

I lay on my bed looking at my ceiling

Michael... Michael Clifford

Saying his name gives me butterflies

I blush thinking of him

I usually cut myself again

But... I feel like I shouldn't tonight

I get ready for bed and set my alarm

Before I feel asleep, I said his name


I am pretty sure I smiled in my sleep the rest of the night

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