A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


3. New chapter

Isabelle POV

We got to the house and saw the drive way was empty, guess we got there first.

"Ugh the boys probably took the other lane and got in traffic, again" Mia sighed and parked her car.

It was a nice house, I got out of the car and Mia pressed some numbers on a pad next to the garage and it opened

It revealed three guitars and drums, Mia smiled at me "pretty cool huh?"

"Yeah" it was a really big garage. I lightly touched a guitar with a strap, MICHAEL was written on the strap and I blush

"Who plays which?"

"Luke is lead singer, Calum plays bass and sings, Michael plays Lead guitar and sings, and Ashton does drums."

"Wow, how long have they been a band?"

"Couple of years... Wanna go inside?"

"Sure" I follow her to the door and she opens the door

It's a nice in the house and I'm pretty sure I just pass 5 different bathrooms

We walk into the kitchen and Mia opens the fridge "want anything?"

"No thanks" I sit on a stool and looked at the time, 3:40pm

Got to make sure I'm back by 4:30 or my parents will think I got kidnapped

"So umm.. What do you want to do after high school?"

Mia looked left to right "um... I like singing, I don't know probably doing something in the music industry"

We heard a bunch of noise in the garage, guess they're here

We walk to the garage and see the boys playing around and Luke chasing Michael with the guitar

Calum was on the drums banging a drum, Ashton took the drum sticks away from him "Get off"

"No" Calum whines and makes a pouty face

"Fine" Ashton walks over to a guitar "then I'll play with yours"

"NO!" Calum runs to his guitar holding it tight

I giggle a little and Mia bumps Ashton's head "late again!"

"By five minutes!" Michael exclaims picking up his guitar

Mia rolled her eyes and takes my arm "sit here"

She sits me on the stool and she sits on one next to me

Ashton sits back on his drums and everyone else grabs their guitars

Ashton tapped his drum sticks together "1,2-"

"WAIT" Michael yells "where's my guitar pick?"

Calum sighs "you lost it again?"

Mia groans "does it really matter Michael?"

He shoots her and Calum a glare "you guys know I never play without it!"

"Well hurry up and find it!"

I look around the floor and spot a bright yellow guitar pick that has a big M written on it

I pick it up "umm... Is this it?"

Luke looks my way "Hey Isabelle found it"

Michael comes and takes it from me "thanks Belle"

I blush "Your welcome"

He states deep in my eyes and melt inside, in the corner of my eye I can see Ashton and Mia making kissy faces at us

Michael blushes too and walks back to his spot "Now I'm ready"

Ashton taps his drums sticks again "1,2,3"

They begin to play and they were amazing! Luke had an amazing singing voice and then Michael sang his solo

He hit every note perfect and at the end he added a little yell, which was really good touch. It showed his punk rock more

They did about two songs and took a break, me and Mia stayed where we were and talked about the usual girl stuff

"You're pretty great Belle, no wonder Michael likes you"

My eyes look down "I'm not sure if he LIKES me, he barley knows me"

"Well I think he does" she takes my phone and puts her number in "Call me whenever you need me ok?"

I smile "Yeah, I actually should be getting home"

"Want me to take you?" Mia asks as the boys walk in

"I'll take her home!" Michael says quickly

I smile "Thanks"

"Give me your keys Ash" Ashton groans and grabs his keys from his pocket and throws it at him

We both walk to the car and get in, we see everybody else waving at us and giving us kissy faces

Michael rolls his eyes and I chuckle at them, he starts the car and drives out the drive way

"Where do you live?" He says after a few moments of silence went by

"I live in Spring View number 105"

"Really! I live there too! 107"

I smile "so I guess we're neighbors"

He takes his hand and twists a piece of me hair and twists it "You have nice hair, is this your natural color?"

"Yeah it is, I'm actually thinking of dyeing the tips"

"What color?"


He takes a look at me hair then look at me "you shouldn't dye it"

I frown "Why?"

"Your hair is nice like it is, it goes with your eyes"

I laugh "really? I really don't like my eye color" my eyes are hazel but a bit more brown. Sometimes in the dark you see a splash of orange... Weird right

"You have gorgeous eyes" I turned to look at him and we both stared in each other eyes for awhile


We jump at the honk and realize it's green light, he begins to drive

I do light chuckle "you have gorgeous eyes too"

He chuckles

"Well not gorgeous! I mean it's not like they're not-"

"It's ok, I know what you mean"

The radio is on and I hear Green day playing

"Is this green day?"

"Yeah it is, you like them?"

"Yeah they're amazing"

I see a grin come on his face "They're our inspiration for our band"

"What's your bands name?"

"5 seconds of summer"

"But there's 4 of you"

He stays quiet for awhile, I was scared I offended him until he begins to chuckle


"I never really thought of that! They're IS 4 of us"

He begins to laugh and I laugh with him, his laugh was amazing

He stops in front of my house "Well see you Tomorrow Belle"

I smile at him again "Thanks for the ride, bye"

I unbuckle and open the car door, he stop me by taking my hand

"Isabelle... Would you like to go on a date with me... Friday?"

I blush "I'd love to Michael"

He smiles and lets me go, I close the door and do a little wave and see him drive away

I walk up to my door and unlock it, "Mom? Dad?"

My mom pops out of the kitchen "Where were you! Your 15 minutes late!"

"Sorry" I mutter and walk upstairs

"Never scare me like that again! I thought-"

"You thought what?" I said raising my voice

"I thought something happened to you!"

"Well I was with some friends"

"Do I know them!" She said now screaming

"Does that really matter!" Tears came to my eyes


I start running up the stairs and cried in my room

I hated my life, I hate my mom, my dad is barley around, I hate myself...

I grabbed my blade and gave myself another scar, I been cutting for about a month now

My parents don't know it and I don't plan to tell them

I decided to call Mia

I dried up my tears and hope I still don't sound like I'm crying

"Hello?" I hear her voice

"Hey Mia it's Isabelle"

"Hey girl! Did he-"

"If your asking if Michael asked me out then yes"

She squealed "Guys he did!"

I hear hooting in the background "Go Michael!"

"OMG Belle! Let me come over and help pick an outfit!"

"The date is on Friday Mia"


Well mom is going to be at work Tomorrow so I don't have to worry about her


"Great! See you tomorrow Belle!"


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