A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


2. New chapter

I was standing in the office as the lady in the desk was printing out my schedule

"Here you go sweetie" the lady handed it to me with a big phony smile.

"Thanks" I take it from her and walk out in the crowded hallways.

Then, I felt a big thud and I was on the ground.

Ouch, I look up to see a very cute boy lending his hand out.

"I'm sorry! Are you ok?"

I nod a little and take his hand "yeah I'm fine"

He smiled a little "huh, no Australian accent?" He said pulling me up

"No, I moved here from New York" I said a little shaky "I'm Isabelle"


I blushed a little, he was very cute. I noticed he had bright red hair, of course it wasn't natural. I was about to ask him, but I kept my mouth shut

"I see you have science Mr.Hobbs" he smiled looking at my schedule, which he picked up from the floor.

"Uh yah"

"I'm in that class next, you can follow me" he said smiling

"Ok" dang he was cute

As we walked down the halls he looked at me "so what brings you to Australia?"

"Oh my dad got promoted in his job"

"What does he do?" He asked tilting his head a little, it was SO cute!

"To be honest I don't know, he never talks about it so I never ask"

We walk into a classroom to see a bunch of people walking all around talking really loud, some boys throwing stuff around

I walk up to the teacher, he had bald head and reading... A text book?

"Umm.. Excuse me? I'm the new student Isabelle"

He nodded and pointed at an empty spot. I walk over there and I realize I sat right behind Michael

I blush as I walk over there "I guess I'm sitting near you"

He smiled "cool" ugh he SOO cute

Then a gorgeous girl with brown hair and eyes plopped next to the seat next to me

She smiled "hey, you new?"

I smile "yeah I'm Isabelle"

"Hi Belle! I can tell you're from New York"

Whoa "how did you know?"

She pointed at her head "I have a mind power"

Michael chuckled "sense when Mia?"

Mia rolled her eyes "Shut Up Clifford"

Michael looked back at me "that's my friend Calum sister Mia"

Mia punched my arm slightly "it's gonna be good to have another girl around, I'm getting tired of this idiot"

Michael stuck his tongue at her, then the teacher clapped his hands loud

"I'm starting class now!" The room got quiet

"Now I -" he was interrupted by a boy with wavy brown hair

"Who's that?" He asked pointing at me. Some people laughed slightly

"That's Isabelle a new student" everyone looked my way

I stood up straight and smile, some boys whistled

I saw Michael tense as they did, was he jealous? It's kind of cute though

It was lunch and I was in line with Mai

"Ugh I'm tired of this school lunch! Let's bring our own tomorrow"

I took a look at the soggy sandwich "agreed"

We took our lunch to an empty table and sat down

"The boys will be here in a minute" she said taking a sip of her juice

"Uh boy's?" So far I only heard of Calum her brother. Was there more?

"Michael didn't tell you? Well they're a band, there's two other guys Luke and Ashton"

I saw a boy that kind of looked like Mia come towards us, he was cute too, I guess that's her brother Calum

"Hey sis!" He sat in front of us and took a look at me "Is this Isabelle?"

I smiled "yeah, how did you know?"

Calum smirked "he can't stop talking about you"

He? "Um who's he?"


I blush, he was talking about me? In a good way hopefully


"Yeah, he keeps saying I met this really-" he was interrupted by this really cute guy with rough messy hair

"Hey mates!"

Mia giggled a little "hey Ashton"

Ashton looked at me "is this the famous Isabelle?"

Whoa Michael really does mention me

"Hi" I say sweetly

Soon I see Michael coming and my heart melts, oh he so cute and so sweet. Is it possible he actually likes me?

Michael sits next to me and blush a little "hey Michael"

"Hey Isabelle" he says smiling back at me, he was going to say something else until Ashton interrupted

"Where's Luke? He better not be late again"

Michael laughed "He got in trouble with Ms. Haynes for not doing his homework again, she giving him a talk"

Ashton laughed " Well who does her homework anyway?"

"You guys should actually do your homework once in awhile" Calum said

Ashton messed with his hair "Why would we do that if we can just copy off yours mate!"

We all laughed, I guess Calum is kind of the nerd in the group

Then a gorgeous boy with blonde hair and blue eyes comes and sits next to Mia

"Hey pretty" and kisses her cheek, Whoa, I guess this is Luke

Mia giggled and Calum stuck his finger in his throat gagging.

Luke eyes me "I suppose that's Isabelle" he smiled at me "you were right about those hazel eyes Michael"

I smile and turn at Michael whispering "you talk about my eyes?"

He just blushed and look down, he so shy sometimes and it's cute!

Ashton clapped his hands kind of loud "So! Ready to go!" They all nod and stand up. I stand up too a bit confused

Mia takes my arm "come on!"

We all sneak by some teachers and run out to the parking lot

Mia filled me in saying they skip the last class every Monday and Fridays to get band

I go inside a white vehicle with Mia, it's her car sense the license plate say MIA+LKE

The rest get into a red vehicle and we drive off.

I'm kind of nervous, I'm a Senior and I NEVER skipped a class before, plus I barely know them. I guess it's ok, they don't seem dangerous. I guess Mia can tell see the nervousness in my eyes

"It's fine Belle, we told the teachers that are family's had a religion and we have to skip last class to pray" she said laughing

I laughed with her, it was stupid but clever idea

"Where do they practice?" I ask

"At Luke's house, that's where we're going now"

She blushed as she said Luke's name. Mia was a pretty girl and looked like her brother Calum, long brown hair and dark eyes

"Wow you sit on band practices?"

"Yeah they're really good!"

"You and Calum get along pretty good for brother and sister"

Mia shrugged "we get that a lot"

I sigh and look out the window, I turn to her again "So umm... Michael talks about me huh?" I blush I say this

Mia smiled "yeah he seems to really like you, it's good"


"He hasn't liked a girl sense his last girlfriend a year ago"

I can see in her eyes she doesn't want to tells what happened, so I don't say anything.

"Soooo what are your plans after High school?"

I look down at my lap "I umm like writing.... Songs"

Her eyes widens "That so cool! Maybe you should write a song for the guys"

That would be cool, writing a song and have a band actually sing it "hmm maybe"

Michael POV

Isabelle, such a pretty name

I was in the back with Calum and I watched Mia's car drive past us

I see Isabelle looking stunning and I blush, Calum begins to elbow me

"Ooo Michaels got a crush!"


"Shut up!" I whine "you guys are so immature"

They all laugh and Ashton turns to me "She's a pretty one Michael, when are you gonna take her out mate?"

"We just met!"

"She seems comfortable around you"

"Well.... Later then"

Calum pokes my thigh "So where are you gonna take her?"

I slap his hand away "Ill think about it later"

Should I take her out, ever sense Rachel betrayed me and completely broke me.... I could never trust someone else.. Another girl

Maybe one more try couldn't hurt...


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