The Saga Chronicles of the Chooby Chooby Cat Thing

It's grand


1. The Great Beginning, Middle, And End.

"Choob” said the fatso cat Angrily. “Choob choob!” The rooster screamed in terror. The cats screams of choob were unbearable.

“NO FATSO CAT NO!” He screamed. But it was far too late. He was already being attacked by the obese cat. Its chubby flabs of flub were so unbearably flubby that he was crushed under the weight of the flub. the damage was extreme. the terror was real. it was…




The cat was just a small town cat from Indianapolis, who ate doritos and mtn dew for breakfast lunch and dinner.  The unfortunate rooster was a guy name Joe who lived peacefully on a farm with a loyal farmer named Alex. Alex let the roosters out of the barn and the little rebel Joe decided upon an adventure to the outskirts of town, to which he had never roamed. But on his journey there he ran into choobso cat. He had thought choobso cat was just a myth, made to make him eat his dinner. His mother had told him, “never go too far Joe, or you’ll run into choobso cat.” He had laughed at her.
“You silly goose!” He joked, as being a goose was considered a terrible burden.

“Choobso Cat is just an urban legend! Don’t worry.”

“You shouldn’t be so careless! I ran into the choobso cat when I was just a chick!”

But Joe laughed her off. Like this ‘HEHE’

His mother had warned him and he didn’t listen so it’s no surprise he got eaten.  

The choobso cat liked his lips as Joe was a big rooster and was delicious. Choobso cat waddled into a foresty terrain where he lived.  He crawled into his cavern, full of shredded fur and broken weight watchers dvd’s.  He settled down and rested his flub until he was comfortable.  Then he let out a tremendous shriek of “CHOOOOOB!” and all of his kitty-minions came running to his cave. “Choob! Choob choob!” he ordered. “CHOOOOOB CHOOBCHOOB!” all the felines shouted in unison.  The giant cat had called request for food, even though he had just ate.

The minions scattered and ran around looking for treats for there master.They brought berries and birds and tree sap and stole pancakes all to please Choobso Cat. “CHOOB CHOOB?” said Choobso. “Choob choob, Choob.” said the highest officer of his servants. Choobso ferociously devoured his food. Thats when real disaster struck. A bear was walking through the woods, searching for food, and Choobso spotted him. Choobso bounded over his minions, his belly flabs brushing their heads. The bear realized, but it was far too late. The choobso cat had already attacked. The choobso cat grabbed the bears head and shoved him inside of his abnormally large belly button for safe keeping. The bear attempted to get out but the choobso cat’s flubs were too powerful for even a bear as strong as he. When he saw the enormous belly button, he quickly realized it was no ordinary belly button. It was a portal to another dimension. He closed his eyes as he was sucked into the belly button. When he opened his eyes again, he saw multiple things. The first being that the sky was purple, the second being that the clouds and ground were orange, and the third being that many celebrities that were once thought to be dead were mingling and having fun all over the place. He saw Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Micheal Jackson, and MCA, to name a few. The bear strutted over and introduced himself. “I am Geoffary, the bear.” Suddenly they all laughed creepily and Marilyn Monroe said “THIS IS A HOLOGRAM.” and everything disappeared. He was left with nothing but blackness, and random sticky notes. One of the sticky notes that stuck out a lot, as it was the only one written in hot pink nailpolish, said choobso cat wishes to see you open the door to your right.

He turned his head and saw a door that in agian hot pink nailpolish said Right This Way. So the bear went through the door to were choobso waited.

“I apologize,” Choobso had finally said something besides choob! The bear felt greatly honored.

“I couldn’t find a marker to write with.” Choobso said. The bear nodded in sympathetically.

“Sir, where are we? How are you inside of you?” The bear asked.

“Well I’m not choobso, I’m choobso’s conscience.” Choobso said. Then bear screamed and died.


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