Harry Potter's Twin?

Harry Potter has a twin sister? This can't be right. What happens when Harry figures out he has a twin sister. Will he try to go and see her or will he just let her be and continue his life. What will he do?


2. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Part 1

*Beginning Summary*

Mr. Dursley, a well-off Englishman, notices strange things happening on his way to work one day. That night, Albus Dumbledore, the head of a wizardry academy called Hogwarts, meets Professor McGonagall, who also teaches at Hogwarts, and a giant named Hagrid outside the Dursley home. Dumbledore tells McGonagall that someone named Voldemort has killed Mr. and Mrs. Potter. He also tried unsuccessfully to kill their baby girl and boy, Harry and Kendra. Dumbledore had already left Kendra at the Malfoy's place to be protected until it is time for her to come to Hogwarts. Dumbledore finishes talking to Professor McGonagall and hears someone crying. Both of them look up to see Hagrid in tears.

"Now now Hagrid. It is really goodbye." Dumbledore says cheering up Hagrid.

"I know. It's just sad to split them up."

"I know I know, but it will be for the best of them. When they get older we can reunite them. I promise you just have to trust me on this one."

"Oh I  trust you I am just going to miss them."

"I know you will."

*10 Years Later, Kendra's POV*

"Unwanted lets go. We need to get ready for the Hogwarts train and if you make us late I swear you will be in trouble." I heard Draco yell from his room to mine.

I honestly hate this family. I know I don't belong. Like why did I have to come and stay with this family. I know we are leaving in 20 minutes so I better get packing.

*20 minutes later*

I was sitting in the car in the back seat just looking out the window just wishing I could go somewhere else and not stay with this mean family.

We finally pulled up to the train station. Draco and I were both given our tickets and it say 9 3/4. What kind of ticket is this. We both followed Draco's father until we got between 9 and 10. He had told us to run to the wall and that is what we did. Draco went first and then I did. I went right threw and into another place in the wall.

I turned to the right and a man took my bags and let me get on the train. I found where Draco was with his three friends. I did not know where else to sit so I walked into the room with him.

"Nobody wants a person who is Unwanted in here. Get Out!"

I shook my head and walked out of the room. I walked down and finally found a empty room. I walk in and close the door behind me. I sit down and just look out the window. I hope I meet some friends. I really want to know where I am from. What happened to my family.

"Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full." I hear someone ask.

I look at the door and see a boy with red hair and a boy with brown hair standing there looking at me. The boy with brown hair boy looks really familiar.

"No, not at all." I say just shaking off my thoughts.

"I'm Ron. Ron Weasley." The red hair boy says.

"Harry Potter." The brown hair says.

"Your Harry Potter? Do you have the-the scar?" I ask.

"Oh yeah." He says showing the scar on his head.

"What about you?" Ron ask.

"Oh I'm Kendra."

"Kendra. What's your last name?"


"Wait your Kendra Potter? Do you have the scar too?"

"Yeah." I say closing my eye.

My scar is just like Harry's scar. It is a lighting bolt but it's on my eye not on my forehead. 

"You two are the ones that survived." Ron says.

"Survived who?" I ask.

"I can't say it."

"Voldemort." Harry says quietly.


"Anything off the trolley, dears?" A lady ask pushing a cart full of candy.

"I'm good." Ron says.

"Same here." I say.

Harry looks at Ron and I before pulling out  coins.

"Well, take the lot."

"Wow." Ron says. 

*20 minutes later*

All three of us were sitting there talking and eating a bit of candy. I was never allowed to have candy when I was at the Malfoy's house. It was really good. My favorite so far was the chocolate bar. We all were having a good time until Ron said he could turn his frog yellow. Harry and I sat there watching until a girl came in.

"Have you guys seen a toad. A boy named Neville lost one."

"No." Ron says.

"Oh are you doing magic? Let's see then." She says sitting next to me.

"Aghhemmm. Sunshine. Daisies. Butter mellow. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!" He says.

Oh Ron. I say to myself while shaking my head.

"Are you sure that's a real spell? Well, it's not very good, is it?" I say looking at the girl.

"I've tried a few simple spells myself, and they've all worked for me. For Example..." She says pulling her wand out and pointing it at Harry's face.

"Oculus Reparo."

A thing came out at Harry and then we saw that his glasses, the noseband is repaired.

"That's better, isn't it? Holy Cricket, you're Harry Potter. I'm Hermione Granger..... You?" She says looking at me.

"Kendra Potter."

"No way. I never thought I would get to meet you guys and you are?"She says looking at Ron.

"I'm Ron Weasley." He says with a full mouth.

"Pleasure. You three better change into your robes. I expect we'll be arriving soon." She says getting up and leaving.

She then turns back around and looks at Ron.

" You've got dirt, on you nose, by the way, did you know? Just there." She says then leaves.

Ron rubs the side of his nose getting the dirt off.

*At Hogwarts*

"Right, then! First years! This way, please! Come on, now, don't be shy! Come on now, hurry up!" A really tall person says with a beard.

"Come on." Harry says to us."

"Hello, Harry." He says.

"Hey, Hagrid."

"Whoaa!" Ron says.

*Getting on the boats and heading into the School at Hogwarts*

I was walking next to Hermione, Harry, and Ron when we get greeted by  a lady standing at the top of a staircase. 

"Welcome to Hogwarts. Now, in a few moments, you will pass through these doors and join you classmates. But before you can take your seats you must be sorted into your houses. They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. now, while you are here, your house will be like you family. Your triumphs will earn you house points. Any rule breaking, and you will lose points. At the end, of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup." She speaks.

"TREVOR!" A boy yells jumping at the toad sitting on the steps.

"Sorry." He says backing away.

"The sorting ceremony will begin momentarily" She says leaving.

"So it is true! What there saying on the train. That Kendra and Harry Potter have return."

"Shut up Draco." I say.

"No, you shut up. I don't think these people want to be your friend. This is Crabbe, and Goyle. I'm Malfoy..... Draco Malfoy." He says 

"Draco." Ron snickers at his name.

"Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair, and a hand me down robe? You must be a Weasley. Well soon find that some wizarding families are better than others, Potter. Don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort." He says looking at Ron and I.

"I can help you there!" He says extending his hand.

"I think I can tell who the wrong are for myself, thanks." Harry replies back.

Draco gives us a glare before McGonagall returns and smacks him on the shoulder with a paper. I let out a small laugh before receiving one last glare.

"We're ready for you now." She says leading the way.

She leads us thought two large doors and in the Great Hall, where there are four long tables with many kids, as well as floating candles. The roof look like the night sky.

"It's not real, the ceiling. It's just bewitched to look like the night sky. I read about it in Hogwarts: A History." She says to me.

"All right, will you wait along here, please? Now, before we begin, Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words." McGonagall says while a guy with a long white beard stands up.

"I have a few start of term notices I wish to announce. The first years please note that the dark forest is strictly forbidden to all students. Also, our caretaker, Mr Filch has asked me to remind you that the 3rd floor corridor on the right hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a most painful death. Thank you." He says sitting down.

"Did you see the cats eyes?" Hermione ask me.

"Yeah, they were red. I have never seen that before."

"Same here."

"When I call your name, you will come forth, I shall place the sorting hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses. Hermione Granger" She says.

"Great." Hermione says will walking away.

"Mental that one, I'm telling." Ron says.

"Yeah." Harry agrees.

I roll my eyes and watch as she walks up to the stool and sits down. Professor McGonagall sets the hat down on her and it starts to talk.

'Ah, right then...hmm..right. Okay... Gryffindor!!!'

A table in the middle started to clap and cheer as Hermione walks over to the table and sits down.

"Draco Malfoy."

I roll my eyes and hope I don't get into the same house as him. I watch as he sit up on the stool all proud like. The hat came down and freaked a little bit before touching down on Draco's head.

"SLYTHERIN!" He yells.

"Susan Bones."

I looked at Harry right at the time as he covered his scare saying 'Ow' I looked at him and then back at the teachers and I spot one with a black hair and he was a pale looking teacher. Then my scar started to hurt. I cover my eye and just look back at the sorting hat.

"Let's see... I know... Hufflepuff"

"Ronald Wesley."

Ron goes up and you could tell he was nervous.

"Ah! Another Weasley. I know just where to put you... Gryffindor!"

I watch as Ron relaxes and then goes over and sits which looks like his brothers.

"Harry Potter."

I watch as everyone whispers things and then it is silence. Harry goes and sits up on the chair. Then the sorting hat was place on his head.

"Hmm..... difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage I see, not a bad mind, either. There's talent, oh yes, and a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you?"

I watched as Harry whispered something. Then the hat talked again.

"Not Slytherin, eh? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. Its all here in your head. And Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness! There's no doubt about that! No? Well, if you're sure... better be... GRYFFINDOR!!"

There is an immense cheering and Harry goes to the Gryffindor table.

"Kendra Potter" I hear my name.

Everyone again goes silence. I sat down on the chair as the hat sits down.

"Here is the other one. This is going to be difficult too. I see a strong person of this one."

As I listen I look into the crowd and see this one boy. He looked at least 2 years older than me. He was pretty cute though.

"Such a hard decision. Put you with them or someone else. There is no doubt about that either. Let's see... GRYFFINDOR!!"

The whole table stands know that they got both potters. I walked over and sat next to Hermione. A guy shakes my hand and says his name was Percy. I look up and see the boy smile at me. I smile back and then someone is dinging on a cup.

"Your attention, please." Professor McGonagall says.

"Let the feast.....begin." Dumbledore says.

I look at our table and see that food magically appears on all the tables, and the hall if filled with awe and chatter.

"Wow." Harry says looking at the food.

I look next to Harry and see Ron stuffing his face.I shook my head before grabbing some food.

I start talking to Hermione. She is a very smart and really sweet girl. I love her so far. We continue to talk until Ron screams a 'ahh' We both look over and see a head of a ghost.

"Hello! How are you? Welcome to Gryffindor." He says.

Then another ghost went across the floor saying' Whoo-hoo-hoo'

"Look, its the Bloody Baron!" A girl says.

"Hello, Sir Nicholas. Have a nice summer?" Percy ask.

"Dismal. Once again, my request to join the headless hun has been denied." He says starting to leave.

"Hey, I know you! You're Nearly Headless Nick!" Ron says.

"I prefer Sir Nicholas if you don't mind." He says.

"Nearly Headless? How can you be nearly headless?" Hermione ask.

"Like this." He says grabbing his head and pulling it to the side. His head was hanging on just by a thread. 

"Ahh" Ron says.

"Eugh." Hermione says closing her eye

He puts his head back and flies away.

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