Small horror story


1. Thoughts

It was dark. It was way past his bed time. The boy stared at the cemetery. He regretted coming here the instant he saw the entrance of it.

      There were cobwebs all around the entrance and it looked like it hadn’t been opened in years. The gates themselves were more than twice the size of him and he dreaded of what the cemetery actually looked like beyond these creepy gates.

      The boy took a deep breath and climbed over the entrance, getting himself covered with cobwebs in the process. The frightened but brave boy crept through the spooky cemetery with his hands trembling, noting every little detail of what he saw.

      The only thing he could see were old and withered gravestones and beyond that was complete darkness. He suddenly saw something move at the corner of his eyes. Now the boy was now terrified.

      Before he could ponder whether what he saw was his imagination or not someone or something tapped him on the back. His heart turned as cold as stone and his eyes grew wide with fear. Before he knew it he was face to face with a blood thirsty vampire!

      The vampire’s fangs were red with blood like he had just finished his appetizer on someone else, and by the look in its eyes he was probably the main course.

      The little frightened boy yelled with fright and all the blood drained out of his face. In a desperate hope for survival, the boy scrambled for the exit but it was futile. The vampire loomed over the boy and sucked his blood as the boy screamed and thrashed with agony. Then the boy moved no more.

      The boy shuddered, what a horrible prospect.

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