My best friend Calum

Best friend into boyfriend


3. touch

Sofeas POV

Calum is so playful right now. He asked for a kiss before he sleeps. Wow i love him. I gave him a kiss and he picked me up and laid me at the side of the wall and we were so connected and its like we have been dating.

He is holding my waist on the wall and kissing me. His tounge was exploring my mouth. There were tons of sparkles and fireworks going on right now. It was beautiful.

I did not want to have sex just yet. I mean like i am a virgin. Still. Yes im still freaking 15 remember.

Even if i did want to have sex we need protection i mean like im 15 and he is 18. " calum lets do it next time. Ily and we should sleep. There is school tomorrow remember" i said. " ily2 wait can i sleep beside you?" . I have a king sized bed and i actually dont mind so " sure ".

Im glad that my parents are away in Belgium for work. If we were caught... I dont even know what would happen coz my parents and his parents are like always together and they know us as only best friends. Not some weird shit couple or sex gods. Haha

Hi guys!!! Little update !!! Sorry this chapter sucks balls but hope youre enjoying it so faaaar

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