My best friend Calum

Best friend into boyfriend


1. throwback

Sofea POV


So here i am with my best friend Calum. He was 7 years old. I was 4. He is a really nice innocent boy. I had a crush on him since 6th grade and im too shy to tell him.

Now lets skip to 2013!!!

So me and Cal are at class. Ugh chemistry. Mixture of ew and ewww.

But luckily i have my best friend calum. He brightens up my day when i feel eww-y type of... U get what i mean

I have this huge crush on Calum but i just didnt want to tell him i mean like we are like siblings. We were best friends since... I was a baby?!!? I dont wanna make things awkward thats why.

But, there is this cool thing about our school because were graduating and its wait for it.... PROM BITCHES!!!

Now some little facts about Calum Thomas Hood well basically he is 18 and i am 15. Yes 3 years of difference but that didnt actually matter to be honest.

Calum has 3 best friends, the nice one is Luke. The 'always happy type of guy' is Ashton and the playboy, Michael.

To me their almost like brothers. Well sometimes Michael really annoys me because he kisses almost anyone anytime. And yea its kinda awkward because were not dating and he kisses u at the lips in public and the most that annoys me he slaps my ass. I mean like dont you have your own ass?!

Tonight Calum is having a sleepover at my place. Because it has been ages since ive seen him. I just came back from a family vacation in Amsterdam and we came back because my parents needed to go to work at Belgium.

Just the two of us. I think i should confess there. Yes i am actually goin to tell my best friend that i have a huge crush in him since 6th grade.

I hope it wouldnt be awkward and i hope he feels the same way too.

Hi guys its sofea ✌️ sorry that this chapter is like so short and yea ilyg❤️

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