My best friend Calum

Best friend into boyfriend


2. sleepover

Sofeas POV


Calum arrived at my place around 7 o'clock. I really want to let him know that i love *coughs* have a crush on him tonight but this is the main problems ;

1. What if he doesnt feel the same way and things become awkward and we dont talk anymore


2. He actually feels the same way and be a couple :)

But i dont think it will happen anyway...


Calums POV


I really have to tell Sofea something.

" hey sofea whatchu doin ?" I said. " nahh just searching for some snacks " sofea said. " hah your always hungry " and we both shared a laugh there.

I actually have a crush on her since 6th grade but i dont know if she feels the same way.

" i need to tell ya something sof, come here " i called her to sit next to me and maybe watch a movie or somthing. She came we some pringles and coke. And those are like my favourite.

I would wanna start to get "even" closer to her so i put my arms around her and put my other hand on her thighs. It was so fine. It wasnt awkward. " so... U wanna watch starwars or The fault in our stars?" Asked sof. " TFIOS " i picked that so it might as well get a little romantic.


Sofeas POV

Calum never puts his hand on my thigh and hands around me. I got those feels. Ugh. Whyyyy. But i kinda like it. So in the middle of the movie i think i should confess first. *says at the same time* " i have a confession to make " ( both of us ) . "wow that was weird " calum said.

"well cal u go first " i was literally shy and nervous... ShyVous... " well i dont want to make things awkward between us but i had a crush on you since 6th grade... Ya know when all those puberty shit comes... Yea " calum confessed and we both giggled

Wow he actually confessed. It would take me ages to even confessed not finishing my homework. Well... " actually... I like you too... Since 6th grade... too... "

The moment was silent... We looked at the clock and it was almost 10pm. And the movie has almost ended. So me and calum as always share a room together.


Calums POV

Wow... That was so rad. We actually like each other but never confessed. Wow its a small world.

Sofea looks so pretty in her green day tank top and shorts. I walked to her on her bedside since we share a room together.

I touched her thighs and my thumb went back and forth and back and forth. " hey Calum. Why arent you sleeping ?" Sofea asked me while smirking. " i just wanted to say i love you and maybe a kiss before i sleep?" I began to make things better... I think.

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