wasn't the first time I was wrong.

So there's this "guy" His name is Calum Hood. He was my best guy friend. Well that's what I thought. We talk and hang out like all the time but that's gone. I thought he was a good guy but it's okay. Wasn't the first time I was wrong. Its hard to forget someone who gave you so much ya know. Anyways I was hurt, I'm still am, but ill stay for you.


2. ~I knew it~

   "I knew it. I knew that he never liked me..."

 That thought went through my head as I cry into my pillow.

 He left me... After all we been through. He even said he liked me back after I told him I liked him. Well that's a big fat lie. I'm so stupid. 

 Why would I think a guy like him would like a girl like me? He's so popular while I'm here in the background. I thought we really had something, but it wasn't the first time I was wrong. 

 "It's getting late I better go to bed"

it wasn't even that late but I still went to bed. Crying. 

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