Random songs story telling

Randomly generating songs to create a story.


2. Random song generated 2


This is my Candyland it may be a complete circus of randomness like when I kissed a girl that was a total eclipse of the heart. But really just Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! we are all just Teenagers but you're the one that I want. I walk alone so if you are Ready or not lets just yell What the hell and get over it. Behind these hazel eyes is someone who loves you so please wake me up before you go go. Even if you leave my head spinning like Dam Dadi Do. I still Love you like a love song. It may be an omen of what the what the future holds. I could be an American idiot but I want to be your Girlfriend. I will make you the king of anything you want. Even angels are just dreams and hopes but don't you worry child. You shall Find yourself, you look just like a little me but you are completely perfect. Your eyes are wide and open like a deer in the headlights.But Hey soul sister when you leave (Numa Numa) there will be some nights where I will stay up counting stars. This is me speaking out to you. So you better Remember the name. I will be listening to stereo heart just like you. So when you hear the whispers in the dark. Just be enchanted by their melody. Whilst watching me against the world. I'm into you but then aren't all Demons attached to the purest of things. Eventually you will be Creating something beautiful maybe you will learn to play the flute. But the truth is I hate everything about you. Viva la vida you are a miracle. A thousand years into the future and you will still be a nice girl. But we are still young in the essence of time and you are all safe and sound being a rich girl. Whereas I'm Blue with the cold, Remember this If I die young, you are the person who holds the other half of my secret. In reality a tree has a long life but as soon as someone shouts timber its life is shortened, like a poison.
The sexy naughty bitchy me shouts "hey Juliet ,  You belong with me" but the Ballad of the nice guy is not a song of mine. Neither is the Pokemon theme to that matter. The Seven Nation army is what controls life around here. So I have never had a dream come true. In the end everyone else will be walking on sunshine. You raise me up to become something I am and due to that I am sincerely yours. You made me blush into my true colours and Mamma mia they are beautiful. I shall find my sweet Candy man. I won't give up I shall try and try again. That don't impress me much my old self would have said to me. But Hallelujah I am not that person. My P.E.A.C.O.C.K  is colorful and vibrant and you should just Shut up and kiss me! I am an Angel with a shotgun and with a little Touchin' on my trigger your life will have ended. God is a girl and in reality she is the only girl in the world that matters. She is the big girl and everyone knows Big girls don't cry. Every time we touch because of you I feel as though I am still the one who is not the one for you. I don't know what to do with a boy like you. I may just be dreaming. But I wish someone would hurry up and save me. Even if humans are all just Animals and some of them are bad boy  s who need the Witch doctor for help and guidance. Even if the task seems endlessly complicated. Just shove in your Headphones and get on with it. Its not going to explode like Pompeii. So just welcome to the club of misfits. You will not be invisible to us. Being here makes me bring me to life. Lots of us our Footloose. But under the command of the super trouper we all fit together.







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