Random songs story telling

Randomly generating songs to create a story.


1. Random Song Generated 1

Everytime we touch I feel as though 4 chords hold us together. Although she is killing me, Shadows die but on New Years day they find a way out and drag Cinderella down until everything is crystal clear. There shall be no witness. Until you open up your eyes to things that are Wretched and Divine in this world of ours. The good book that you find will Always be what I want, Until the end where the traitor makes a gallery of Battleships. The most unholy  is the worst thing about me. I'll Fight because I was Born,I have lived and I will surely die. The reason we were men in all of this was because the days are numbered. and eventually we shall all be put in our respective coffin. Once we see the fading light. Hopefully you will Kiss me again before all that happens. We don't belong in this world it is all or nothing. Everybody is Nobody's Hero. But don't worry this isn't goodbye it's BRB. Better luck next time there has to be a way out. Maybe in June July or September. but all the Rumor mill down to the time when everyone was like Long live rock & roll and trying to Resurrect the sun. But we were alone together and the scars from that event make me think I am losing my mind. But you were Just the girl I was looking for but now you are on your own. High above the ground now. I lug my body out of bed. Eventually I will become undefeated but for now I will take my head above water. She always gets what she wants but in the world we knew when we were younger. You've got it made of bones now. The birthday of your death shows the exits and entrances you made in the world. the people we knew are now all renegade. I still feel alive although your embers litter in the world. I will have to learn my lesson It says a lot about the effect you had on me. I was once a wild heart alone in the world, but what I have done for you changed me. broken arrows set straight almost like Witchcraft. Days go by but I still think about you. I wish your ghost would hide & speak it might change the sons of apathy that use to be Waiting for superman an idea that came outta my head. I have now lost it all the youngest son is now BaptizedIn the end everything is crystal clear it took 18 years. But I am sure I will see you around. You made me what I am today I am bullet proof, time after time of trying and failing but C'est la vie. You are not nothing to me, the pretty faces I see are the devils choir masked.


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