The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This is a fantasy/horror story incorporating the children's novel "Alice In Wonderland". It is about Alice's first encounter with the woods and her meeting with the Mad Hatter and his friends.


4. Rat-a-tat-tat

In the distance she saw a large grand house. She made her way to the glowing of light exiting the bay windows. She began to pick up pace and eventually came to the clearing where the building lay. Her shoes made a clackety sound on the polished wooden porch announcing her arrival to the inhabitants of the house. She knocked on the door with a distinctive rat-a-tat-tat. There was no answer so she just stood there, staring at the large oak door. It was painted red with the movement of the Queen of Hearts but she could see where the paint was peeling bright and spotless white paint. A leaflet was pinned to the door reading, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 10pm All are welcome.


After a long time of waiting for the door to be opened by whoever the Mad Hatter was she decided to venture inside. She slung the decrepit cat over her shoulder and eased the door open. A slight creaked partnered the opening of the door. She pushed the door shut locking it behind her and wiped the blood off the soles of her shoes.


She could hear laughing and clanking of tea cups through the door at the end of a large hall. She stepped lightly on her toes and leant against the door listening in to the madness of conversations happening the other side of the woodwork. Determined, she stood up again leaving a large blood stain on the door from where it’s throat had been pressed.


She flung the door open to see a large party.

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