The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This is a fantasy/horror story incorporating the children's novel "Alice In Wonderland". It is about Alice's first encounter with the woods and her meeting with the Mad Hatter and his friends.


2. Maddened

Her hands were cold and clammy, her eyelids heavy. It was as dark as a tunnel with no end. She felt the icy daggers of rain fall on her face glowing like the moon. As the thunder rolled by she pulled at her puffy sleeves, on her blue gingham dress, trying to cover and warm her trembling eyes. Blonde hair looked brown and stuck to her face and to her back. The young girl walked down through the grasping gnarly hands of the trees.


A cackle broke through the thick silence. Shuddering she turned her head around. The sound seemed to come from all around her like a wave coming from all sides. Rustling came from behind her. She jolted away from noise. The moon glinted an eerie red colour on her skin. The moon was full and looked maddened.


She couldn’t move stuck with the fear of the unknown. Her limbs both froze and became limp. Dizzy, sick, tired, TERRIFIED.  She forced herself over to a tree and leant against it. Lightening flashed in front of eyes, as if it were alive, making her jump in fright. However it was useless to try and make her body move away from the tree as her mind could not get her frail body to walk.


An itchy, ruff creature brushed her face from above her on a branch. Screaming she lashed out uncontrollably. She knocked the vile being from it post in the tree to the hard mud and stone earth. A growl erupted from inside of the beast, sounding like chalk screeching on a black board. She held her ears screaming with the pain from the sound. Falling to the floor in a heap she began an irrepressible sob. The animal, she had now identified as a dirty pink cat, had a ferocious grin on it’s face and lunged at her.  Claws like no others scratched at her tear sodden face. They were as sharp as swords and were dripping in blood as they left her originally mark less face.


Overcome with rage and detest she broke off a sharp branch and clutched in her hands, her veins bulging and visible on her hands. She kicked the loathsome being and stood over the top of the cat her arms raised. She spat at the despicable cat and brung her arms down with the full force of her body weight behind her. The cat gurgled as the branched pierced through its throat.

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