The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This is a fantasy/horror story incorporating the children's novel "Alice In Wonderland". It is about Alice's first encounter with the woods and her meeting with the Mad Hatter and his friends.


5. Guest

When she entered the whole room fell silent and everyone turned to stare at her as a tea pot crashed to the floor. Her hair was dried together with the blood of the cat, her blue eyes were cold and soulless, her blue gingham dress was stained with blood, mud and green from the bark on the trees. She slammed the cat on the table and smiled a sweet, innocent smile. “I thought this was meant to be a tea party? Aren’t you meant to offer me tea? I am a guest.” A hare walked cautiously towards her. He wore a large tattered top hat with a joker card tucked into the ribbon on the hat. He walked like a bunny; skittish and jumpy, wary of the presence of this new guest covered from head to toe in blood. He stumbled over his words “You should really leave this isn’t a tea party for little girls.” At this she turned and grabbed his throat.


She dug her long jagged nails into his throat twisted her hand as she did so. The party of people looked at her in horror but she could only she fire. He screamed and begged and screeched for her to stop, she smiled grasped at the knife and tried to push it into his throat. Everyone in the room retreated crying and terrified. She stood there pushing and pushing the knife but the mad hatter had hold of her hands desperately pushing at her pleading for her to stop. She pulled away and as the hare began to relax she shoved the knife into his oesophagus. He slumped to the floor a lifeless embodiment of himself.

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