The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This is a fantasy/horror story incorporating the children's novel "Alice In Wonderland". It is about Alice's first encounter with the woods and her meeting with the Mad Hatter and his friends.


6. A Glint Of Pride

She propped him up on a chair at the head of the table and placed the cat on the mad hatter’s lap. She pulled the cat’s mouth into the creepy grin of hatred that she saw stuck on the cat’s face when she first laid her eyes on it.


She heard a scrambling in an up turned teapot and daintily lifted it up to reveal a mouse as scrawny as a stick. She looked at it with sincere and serene looking eyes and cuddled it to her chest. Holding the mouse tight in her small and bruised hands she placed the cups and tea pots back in place. Content with her piece a la resistance she sat down at the head of the table.


Blood fell down her face towards her mouth. She licked her lips and smiled a glint of pride behind her soulless eyes. She was grinning. “Mad Hatter aren’t you going to offer us any tea? After all, this is the Mad Hatters tea party.” That’s when the doors opened. She screamed. NO one cared, NO one cared. She demanded to be let go, said that they weren’t invite for tea and threw tea pots at them. She strained against them and after a cloth with an eye watering scent went over her nose and mouth she fell silent.

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