The Love Game

What would you do if you were torn from your family for something called "The Love Game"? If your true love was standing right in front of you would you know it?
This is kind of like the show "Are You The One?" and I rated it yellow for the language.
Loves Tomhi. xx


1. Chapter 1

*Maya’s POV*

Today’s the day. I’m not happy about it, but my mum is excited. Today is the day that people are picked for the Love Game. They pick 10 boys and 10 girls between the ages 16-23, if you are picked you pack all of your belongings and move to a house you share with the other 19 people picked. You are matched with somebody in the house but the thing is, you have to figure out who it is. This happens every year. They are just being dicks. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Maya Hall, I’m 16, and NOT your typical girly-girl. This year the are picking 10 celeb guys and 10 non-popular girls. That way we don’t fight over a guy. My mum gave me a beautiful White lace dress. It was strapless, has a Black ribbon around the waist, and a Black bow on my left hip. She handed me White sandals to match it. I swear my mum knows something about the game. I guess I will find out what it is. I got dressed and then curled my Sky Blue dyed hair. No matter how much my mum said no I still dyed my hair, and when the color starts to fade I will re-dye it. I also have my lip and belly button pierced, and a couple tattoos. You could say I’m a tomboy. I love to skateboard, hunt, and go mudding. My mum on the other hand. She thinks I should be more like the other girls, all girly and shit. I cussed her out. I really just want to go back to bed. “Bye mum. Love you.” I yelled into the house. Before I could walk off she ran outside and handed me two things. A black bow for my hair, and a wrapped box. I clipped my hair back with the bow and unwrapped the box. The first thing in it was a Paper Airplane necklace, then a Infinity necklace, and the last thing was a Superman bracelet like Luke Hemmings’ Batman one. The necklaces are beautiful and the bracelet is amazing. I had my mom tie the bracelet on my left wrist and hook the necklaces on me. I turned back around and gave her a big hug. “Just to let you know, I’m not the one who bought you the bracelet. Don’t ask who got it just love it.” she told me before I walked to my car. Oh we live in Sydney, Australia. So yes I know Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, & Calum Hood. Also known as 5 Seconds Of Summer. We were the best of friends but I doubt they remember me. In fact I have like 10 scrapbooks filled of us 5. I use to have the biggest crush on Ashton, I actually still do have a huge crush on him. I use to think Calum had a crush on me but now that I think of it. Why would anybody like me let alone Calum? I’m so fucking ugly. It took me about 5 minutes to get to the arena the choosing is being held this year. When I got there I noticed that I was one of the first people to get here. I locked my car and started walking to the girls section when I heard a laugh I could NEVER forget. I turned around and saw the 4 boys I grew up with. Now is the time to see if they remember me. “Hey guys. Do you remember me?” I asked nervously. Calum looked at me shocked, Luke had wide eyes and was starting to get a boner just looking at me, Michael looked at me as if I was a ghost, and Ashton. Well he ran at me and yelled “MAYA!!” and attacked me with a huge hug and kisses all over my face. The other three did the same and we had a group hug. “We missed you so much. Ash would not stop talking abou-” Luke was cut off by Ash tackling him to the ground. “Okay? Now that we have the awkward part out of the way. Why are you guys here?” I ask them. “Well we have been chosen.” Luke said getting off the ground. I nodded my head “So I won’t see you guys again until you get back?” I ask upset. “Welllllll. We aren’t suppose to tell you this but you have also been chosen.” Calum said with a huge smile on his face. “So I’m guessing you know everyone who was chosen.” I said. They all nodded “There’s one girl you aren’t going to be too happy about who’s going to be there.” Mikey said, his eyes starting to water. Just by that look I know who he is talking about. Evelyn Moore. “No. Don’t tell me she will be there. She’s going to try and steal you guys from me again.” I said starting to silently cry. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. I felt warm strong arms wrap around me and I cried into the person holding me. I never liked letting the guys see me cry. The thing is Evelyn is a stuck up bitch who was dating Mikey and fucked the school’s jock, Mikey’s best friend, Alex behind his back. The next day Alex told Mikey and he got really upset because he really liked her. Alex explained that she told him she was single. Mikey ran from his locker and to my classroom to cry on my shoulder. I got up out of my seat pulling him with me and walked right out of the room. Ever since then she has tried non-stop to steal the boys from me. She did get Cal to turn on me by lying to him. He also turned on his best mates. The next one she had turn on me was Luke, then Mikey, and Ash never turned on me for a few years until Evelyn started at rumor that I fucked Alex. I’m so done with her shit like legit. I hate her so much I want to strangle her with a fork. When I was done crying I looked at the person holding me. Ash. “You look like a monkey.” he said trying to lighten up the mood a bit. I covered my mouth because I forgot to bring extra make up. “Here.” Mikey said handing me a bag full of my old make up. “You guys still have this? And you brought it?” I asked looking at it. “We couldn’t pull ourselves to throw it away. When we left you here knowing what Evelyn could do to you we realized that it was a huge mistake. We feel bad for just leaving you like that. We didn’t have anything else to remind us of you besides your old make up. Sometimes we would all scroll through your Twitter account, huddled together, cry together because we couldn’t imagine what you were going through here.” Ash said still holding me. “Well somebody hold up their phone on front camera for me to redo my make up.” I said laughing. Luke was the first to get his phone out so I had him hold it for me. About 3 minutes later I was done and handed them my old make up bag back. “Let’s go in” I said in a better mood. We walked in with me in the middle of them. Luke and Cal were on my right and Ash and Mikey on my left. When we walked in the first person I saw was Evelyn. She looked pissed when she stormed over to us. She stopped right in front of me. “May I help you Evelyn?” I said sweetly with sarcasm dripping from my voice. “Yea actually you can. Get away from MY boys.” she said like a fucking whore. “Your boys? Where were you when they left for their many, many, many tours? That’s right you were out sluting it up. Now if you’ll excuse us we have to get to our groups.” I said walking around her with the boys right by my sides. “Damn Maya. What have you turned into? You are a badass. The lip piercing, dyed hair, and I already know you have a few tattoos.” Ash said with a smirk on his face. “Well yeah. When you guys left I was bullied so much I went into a really deep depression. It was so bad I wouldn’t talk to my mum, check any off my social medias, cried myself to sleep every night looking at the scrapbooks I have of us, and I even went to cutting.” I said ashamed at the end because nobody knows that I use to cut. I sometimes still do, and I have a feeling that I’ll be cutting tonight because of Evelyn. They all stop and look at me. “You cut?” Mikey asked. I nodded and tried fighting back my tears. They all hug me which made me burst into tears again. “Dry them tears up you dumb cunt. They are only comforting you, because they feel sorry for you. So just walk away and leave them alone. They don’t like you.” I hear Evelyn say behind our group hug. “Evelyn how about you shut your slutty ass mouth up and leave her alone. The only person we don’t like is you. You lied to us so we would stop talking to Maya because you are jealous of her. You have been since grade school. So shut the fuck up and you walk away.” Cal said. She huffed and stormed off. “You realize she’s going to make my life a living hell now when you guys are not around?” I said getting upset even more. “No she won’t because we will be with you 24/7, M.” Ash said calling me the nickname he gave me when we first met. “Thanks, A. I missed you guys so much. You have no idea. I have all of your songs on my phone. So when I really miss you guys I plug my phone into my speakers and play them on full volume and on repeat.” I said. I wish I could tell them what really happened while they were gone on One Direction's tour "Where We Are" that just ended hence that they're back. “Well M, the pain is over because the best people you’ve ever met are back. Plus we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Well without you I mean.” Ash says while holding me at arms length away. “Thank you guys. You 4 are the best people to happen to me. Except my baby brother being born.” I said hugging them. “Wait. You have a baby brother?” Luke asked. “Well he’s more of my son because mum doesn’t take care of him or me that much for that matter.” I said looking anywhere but them. “We thought she was a good mum? You’re always talking about her and what she does for you.” “That was before Nick was born though. He was just born last month. So if I go to the house then I have to bring Nick with me.” I replied to Mikey. “Well after all the names are called, all 5 of us will go talk to the host of the show and let him know you have to bring your baby brother because your mum doesn’t take care of him.” Cal said. I nodded my head. “Where is he now?” I heard Ash ask me. “Well my mum made me leave him with her. She said that she will take care of him while I’m gone. I didn’t trust her so I set up cameras in every room to watch her.” I said with a sad smile on my face. They all nodded their heads. “Well see you after this. Where are we meeting?” I asked before they could walk away. I just have a feeling they are putting up an act and they don’t really like me. “All the guys and girls will be on stage together so we will come over to you.” Mikey said. I nodded and gave them one last hug. “Love you guys.” I said and started to walk away while hearing them reply with “Love you too Maya.” I watched them walk back stage so they wouldn’t get mobbed. I headed over to the girls and stood in the front. "What do you think you're doing?" Somebody asked me. "I'm standing with the group. Why?" I asked turning to the guy. "Well since the guys already told you about you getting picked and they told me about the whole Evelyn thing. You need to come back stage. We will make sure she doesn't go and you can bring your baby brother. They told me about it." he said to me. "Wait are you the host?" I asked and he nodded. "Just follow me backstage. Where is your baby brother now?" "He is with my mum. She made me leave him but i set up security cameras around the house." I answered him while we walked backstage. "Well the boys are in that room and I will be finding a replacement for Evelyn." He said pointing to the boys' dressing room. I nodded and then walked into their room. When I got in there they didn't see me yet so I decided to listen to them.

(Ashton - A Michael - M Calum - C Luke - L)

L - Ash when are you going to tell Maya about your feelings?

C - Yeah because as soon as we enter that house she’s anyones game.

A - I will tell her when we go back to hers so she can pack hers and Nicks things.

M - Luke when are you going to tell her you’re the one who bought her that Superman bracelet?

L - I will tell her after Ash talks to her.

A - I just hope she feels the same about me and doesn’t fall for one of the One Direction guys or Shawn at the house.

C - I wouldn’t blame them if they fall for her.

M - Let’s hope she doesn’t get hate for knowing us or for bringing Nick.

L - She’s changed so much. I don’t know if it was a good change or a bad change. We’ll find out at the house.

A - Where is she? We sent the host for her 10 minutes ago.

That was when I re-entered the room. “Hey guys.” I said acting as if I didn’t hear anything. Ashton likes me, Luke bought me my bracelet, the 1D guys and Shawn are the other guys coming to the house, and Luke isn’t sure if my change is good or bad. It was a good change because the last me was cutting 24/7 and always depressed. I’m actually happy with my change. I want to dye my hair a different color before I leave for the house. Maybe go Light Brown with Dark Blue tips. I didn’t realize I had zoned out for so long until I saw a hand being waved in front of my face. Calpal. “Maya. Earth to Maya.” he said. “May I help you?” I asked kindly. “What are you thinking about so much?” Ashton asked me. “Well I want to dye my hair a different color but don’t know what to do. I was thinking maybe Light Brown with Dark Blue tips?” I answered them. They nodded and the only one to speak up was Ash. “I think that would look awesome. Especially on you.” he said and then blushed. I started blushing as well.”Awww. Does Maya have a crush on Ash?” Mikey teased. “Does Mikey want to be dickless?” I asked back sassily. He hid behind Luke scared. “Lukey she threatened me.” he told him hiding further behind Luke. “Who said it was a threat? That’s a promise when you mess with me.” I told him. “I wonder who they are going to find to replace Evelyn” I said walking to the side of the stage with the boys. “Hopefully someone cute and won’t just like us because we’re famous or for our money.” Calum said. “Oh wait. I do know someone like that.” Ash said. “Who?” I asked getting upset and jealous. He stopped me and turned me to face him. He laid his hand on my cheek and leaned in. When he was just a few centimeters away from kissing me he replied. “You” and then he kissed me. I of course kissed back. I heard cameras going off and heard the guys cheering. “FINALLY!” Luke yelled. I pulled away from Ash as I was laughing. I leaned my head against his chest since he was taller than me. I heard a couple more camera clicks before I heard Michael and Calum say something. “These are so going on Twitter and Instagram.” they said in unison. I looked at them with a death glare. “Run.” Ashton said to the guys before I ran after them. “Don’t put those on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t need even more hate from your fans.” I said. I stopped running after them because I never told them I get hate from the fans. “What was that Maya?” Cal asked me. “Nothing.” I said and ran the other way. I kept running until I bumped into someone and we both fell. I looked up and saw Shawn Mendes. “I am so sorry Shawn. I didn’t mean to knock you down. I was running from the 5Sauce boys.” I said while helping him up. “It’s fine, love. Did you say 5Sauce boys? As in 5SOS?” great now he thinks I’m weird. “Erm. Yeah. I’ve called them that since we were little. I’m Maya Hall.” I said holding my hand out for him to shake it. He shook it like a gentlemen. “Well as you know I’m Shawn Mendes. Did you say Maya?” I nodded. “They would not stop talking about you when I was with them. Me and the 1D guys had to actually hit them to make them shut up.” I started laughing. “Let me guess. It didn’t work?” I asked he shook his head no. “Figures.” I said. “MAYA!” I heard Ash yell. “I wasn’t here. Okay?” I asked he nodded. “See you at the house. Bye.” I said and ran off. I feel bad for leaving him like that but I can’t let the guys get me because if they do they will question me about what I said. “MAYA!” I heard Calum yell behind me. I went to look back but I felt arms wrap around my waist. I looked at the person. Mikey. “Let me go Michael.” I said. He knows that when I use full names I’m serious. “Nope. Can’t do that.” he said and started walking back to where were before I chased them. “I got her Ash.” he told Ash when we saw him. “Let me see your arms, M.” he said “No” i I answered because there are fresh cuts from this morning when I got on Twitter. “It wasn’t a question.” Luke said walking up behind me. I very slowly showed them my arms. “Why Maya? There are fresh cuts. Did you cut this morning?” Ashton asked me with tears in his eyes. Why? I just nodded with tears also in my eyes. “Why?” he asked again. “Why don’t you ask your fans.” I said with anger in every word. “They are sending you hate?” Calum asked me. I again nodded. “Let me see your Twitter.” Ash said. I unlocked my phone and went to my Twitter app. Once it opened I handed it to him. He scrolled through all the mentions that I had. He got tears in his eyes again. Why would he get tears in his eyes over me? He handed me my phone back and got his phone out. He started to type something. When he was done my phone went off. Ashton tagged me in a tweet so I opened up the app again. The tweet said “For everyone who is sending hate to @Maya5SOSHall stop. You call yourselves our fans but you’re not if you are sending hate to our best friend since birth.”

A/N: I don’t know if that is a real Twitter name. So this is a new Movella that I have been writing. Comment what you think. Fan, Favorite, Like, and Comment.

Love, Tomhi<3 xx

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