''An enduring Mystery

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  • Published: 20 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 20 Oct 2014
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A boy named Nestor drops in a magical and secret for the human's eyes place that blocks the memory and soon the boy will realize his purpose in life.


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    Nestor is an adventurous boy but adventures seldom come to him. He likes reading interesting books where a lot of awesome things happen. The boy also likes action movies. Sometimes he imagines he is living in an Western movie where the chase of the bad guys is endless.

But unfortunately, all these adventures are only in his little head.

Probably the reason Nestor to be so hyperactive and constantly to seek different adventures that can color his life, is the fact that he has no siblings. He is forced to find games alone at home or some place else. It is definitely not fun playing alone and every child will tell you.

But Nestor doesn't want to accept this situation.


                                                                                                  . . .


Very often when someone wants something a lot, destiny makes this strongly desired wish real.

Nestor is lucky boy because one night when he felt asleep a mysterious dream encompassed his mind. Nestor heard an echo resonating the words''It is real, it's all real''. He heard also from the echo that there is a magical world beyond a place called''Lynn Valley''.

-Remember-you have to find Lynn Valley-was the last of what the boy heard from the echo.

After this out-of-this-world dream the only question remains-Where is Lynn Valley?

Nestor never heard of such place.

                                                                                                    . . .


     The next day when he woke up, throughout the whole time the boy wondered what is exactly Lynn Valley. Was it a real valley? Where was it?

Nestor needs the answer for this mystery desperately. He was eager to reveal the mystery, appeared in his dream last night. He was also eager to discover this magical and beautiful world where to live in.

After long hours of thinking and wondering, Nestor remember vaguely that when he was about 6 years old, he used to hide in a small room under the stairs of his family's previous house. On the wall of that room was hanging a painting of unknown artist and the image of the painting represented some landscape. But this was long time ago. The house is now abandoned and he didn't know if he can find the painting.

Nestor wanted at least to try, so without telling anyone, he made his way to the old house. It was at the other end of the city.

  After a long ride with his bike, the hyperactive boy discovered the site of the house. Now it was in ruins. He entered cautiously through the half-broken door and immediately saw the little room under the stairs. To his surprise th wooden brown door was not locked. The room was quite a mess but there was no trace of the painting , hanging on the wall.

-Maybe the landscape was....in fact it represented the Lynn Valley. Only if I could remember better.

The magical world was near me all the time and I didn't see it-thought the boy with a little regret about those happy days of his early childhood.

Nestor still remembers the exact place of the painting, closed his eyes and touched the cold and dusty wall where should be the painting. The painting materialized itself and Nestor felt something grabbing him and taking him somewhere unknown. He opened his eyes after a minute. He was the same boy but the place he was a minute ago, was not the same. He also couldn't remember who he was or where he come from.

-Welcome to Casper!-said a soft female voice-the place beyond your wildest dreams and the place where people forget their identity and start living their other possible life. And don't worry that you already lost yourself. You are safe here. This is good-said the voice without body.

Nestor was mesmerized. He entered haphazardly the world similar to the world, described in ''Alice in Wonderland''-his favorite book.

Everything is pretty and fabulous here. The boy observed others how happy are they and how easily enjoy life without any worries.

Nestor forgot he was Nestor. His memory was in sort of a blackout. But he feels comfortable and without any memories. He has nothing against staying in the magical place, called Casper

-Finally, the greatest adventure I always wanted is here!-shouted the boy .


                                                                                                        . . .


     So, spending countless ours in ventures and adventures in this hidden place and living his other possible life, Nestor didn't realize how the time passed. But the category 'time' is for the real world. In Casper time is limitless, it doesn't exist.

     Every human being on Earth would envy Nestor for the opportunity to live 'the other possible life' but like every pleasant things, this journey also has its end.

Soon the soft female voice without body came near boy's ear and whispered:

-It is 'time' for you to go back where you belong, dear boy.

-No, no...voice, please,...let me stay one more day here-wished the 12 -year boy.

-What you had was just one day, dear boy-replied the voice and added:

-You deserved to be in this adventurous and magical world because you are good and noble boy who one day will achieve a lot and will change for good the real world. And thus, it will become just like Casper-beautiful and peaceful. I wish you luck, dear Nestor-said these final words the soft voice and everything disappeared from the memory of the boy.

Like a movie the camera shows Nestor in his warm bed having no clue what he was doing some hours before. He didn't remember a thing from the place, called Casper. Now he knew deep inside who he really is.

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