I had the perfect life, a great boyfriend and amazing friends. Now I have nothing because I left. Its not like I have a choice in the matter, after my parents were killed in a car “Accident” I had to change my name and move until my parents killers were caught. So for now Skylar Mary Louis is missing. My name now, is Stacy Jane Spencer and I am in witness protection.


1. #MyLifeThen&Now

My Name is Stacey Spencer but only some people know me as this, Others know me as Skylar Mary Louis. It has been 3 years, 9 months and 11 days since the accident that killed my family and the same amount of time since I last saw my boyfriend and my best friends. I am now living in a completely different country under witness protection and can not return home until I'm told I am safe. I look different than the day of the accident, my sandy blonde hair is now a dark brown because everything had to change. 

I haven't made many friends here but it's hard to do when I'm hiding who I really am. I met Kendall on day 56, after the accident, at my new College. She isn't like my friends I had back home, with her black hair with purple tips that make her look scarier than she actually is. Her look is perfect for our college in New york, even though she isn't from here and has the strongest British accent I have ever heard, that paired with her amazing figure seemed to make her irresistible to the guys where ever we went. On day 84 after the accident I met Sophie, who is only like a month younger than me. She is the sweetest person you will ever met but the hardest person to get a word out of because she is so shy. With the biggest baby blue eyes and short brown hair that curls at her shoulders, She is the polar opposite of Kendall which made us treat her like the baby of the group. 

These two girls have been my biggest strength since the accident and are the only people I have talked to since moving here. When I went into witness protection I was told to never tell anyone who I really was or why I was now here... But the girls know EVERYTHING. 

I only have one photo from before the accident, even though I was told I couldn't bring anything with me when I left Sydney, Australia my real home. It is of myself and Alec, my best friend in the whole world, he is the person that I miss the most and the person I wish everyday I could talk to. 


547 days before the accident-

"Skylar keep up" Alec said to me as I slowly made my way along the beach.

"I'm coming, slow down I don't know how you can run around in this heat, I'm dying here its like 100 degrees." I replied as I tried to catch my breath. 

It was only 3 weeks into summer and I was sure I was going to melt, Alec's family and mine always came to Bondi beach on the first week of holidays. We have grown up across the street from each other our whole lives, our families always did everything together holidays, town events & we even got sick at the same time that's how close we were.

"Come on you two we want to get a picture for the album" Alec's mum yelled from the picnic table we had set up lunch on. 

"Mum! another one we have a photo every time we come to the beach" Alec yells back 

"Yes another one when you're older you will love looking back at these photos and seeing how different you looked before you went through puberty."

"STOP, don't say things like that mum, that's embarrassing" Alec replied. We both stood there red in the face because of what his mum had said, but if they asked why we would lie and say its just from all the sun.  

"Alright picture time" My mum said taking photos of all the family, Alec's younger brothers and one of Alec and me.

When Kendall and Sophie see the photo they always say they couldn't imagine me without my dark hair but I miss my old hair, I miss my old life.

"Do you think today will be the day I hear that I'm going home?" I ask 

“I don't know but once it’s safe for you to go home, Sophie and I have decided we're coming with you in Australia until you are settled into your old life,” Kendall says sitting on my bed

“OMG are you kidding me?” I said with so much excitement, thinking of how wonderful it would be to have my new friends come home with me and meet my old friends.

“Nope, we brought open ended tickets so whenever you’re allowed to leave witness protection, we are all going back to Sydney,” Sophie said so quietly 

“That is so amazing I couldn't be more happier to have your guys come with me, but now I seriously need your help. pink or black?” I ask holding up my skinny jeans, trying to change the conversation so I didn't have to think about what I was missing back home.

“Black, duh. Now hurry up we need to get to school,” Kendall says slipping out of my room with Sophie and down the stairs towards to kitchen.

I put on my Black skinny jeans, an oversize pink hoodie and pink toms to keep me warm, I still can't get use to how cold it is in October here when its almost summer back home. The neighborhood I live in is so loud and busy with not much space between each building. Everyday I walk a couple of blocks to get coffee from Starbucks this is the one thing that I do that is the same as when I was home. After I get my morning coffee, I make the next 5 block walk to College.

The morning walk is the time I get to myself to think about home without any interruptions, I just pray that someday soon I get that phone call from detective Jameson saying they caught the bastard that killed my parents but everyday all I get is disappointment.

I went about my day as usual attending classes that I pretended I cared about, listened to people talk about the plans they were making for Halloween, it wasn't a big holiday back home so I can never get into it like the girls. After my last class for the day I was waiting at the front doors for Kendall and Sophie when my phone rang.

It was the number I hadn't seen in 1380 days, the same day I was dropped off here in New York, and one I was so happy to see 

"Skylar, its detective Jameson are you ready to come home?"


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