I had the perfect life, a great boyfriend and amazing friends. Now I have nothing because I left. Its not like I have a choice in the matter, after my parents were killed in a car “Accident” I had to change my name and move until my parents killers were caught. So for now Skylar Mary Louis is missing. My name now, is Stacy Jane Spencer and I am in witness protection.


2. #HeadingHome

"Skylar, it's detective Jameson are you ready to come home?"

“Yes I am,” I reply seeing the girls approaching where I was sitting 

“Then it's time to pack, we have finally caught the man that killed your parents. We do need to stress that even though we have caught him we aren't sure if he is working alone. I have sent a package to your apartment with all your ID so you can get into Australia. As you are classed as an adult in Australia you are free to live in your old home alone and attend the university in Sydney that your old friends are enrolled at. We have organised everything for you, you will start classes in 2 weeks. See you soon Skylar." detective Jameson said before hanging up.

I was so damn excited that as soon as I hung up I screamed as loud as I could. 

 "I get to go home! " I almost fell over as I ran to the girls who had stopped to talk to the guys in our science course. 

"Stacey what is wrong with you" Kendall said with an amused look.

"OMG girls I'm so excited I finally got the call I've been waiting for, I get to go home" 

Kendall and Sophie scream so loud that people around us start to stare. 

"Stop people are going to think we are crazy" I said trying to calm the girls down,

"I just so excited I've never been on a plane before and now we are going to Australia" Sophie said as we started to walk home. 

Once we arrived home, I found the envelope from detective Jameson on the floor near my mail slot. As I looked at my Australian passport I was amazed to see that the photo was the one taken the day I had to leave, before my hair became dark and before I was Stacey Spencer. I didn't realise how different I looked when I left 3 years ago until now.

"Wow you look so different" both the girls said at the same time

"I know we have seen you in that photo with Alec but you were so much younger then and to see what you looked like only months before we knew you is crazy."

Once we had organised to be on the next flights home, we had only 6 hours to start packing up my apartment.  

“Girls, I'm going home, and your coming with me” I exclaim as I pull them both into a huge hug. 

We had finished boxing up all my things from the lounge room and were now in the kitchen finishing the smaller items,

“This is so freaking exciting!” Sophie said as she pulled utensils from the drawers in the kitchen.

“Wait where the hell are you going to live?” Kendall asked

“In my old house, When my parents died I was told once it was safe to come home, my parents legal documents had left everything to me including the house.You girls are my family now and I cannot wait to show you where I'm from and introduce you to my old friends."I say as I finish helping Sophie with draws in the kitchen.

Once we had packed everything, I called detective Jameson to get him to organise the collection and delivery of all my items to my old family home, I run upstairs to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything.

We grabbed our suitcases and waited for the taxi to take us to the airport. I cannot wait to be home, to see the things that had changed, my boyfriend Xander, my friends and of course Kyle. I didn't think anything could wipe the smile off my face, until I was sitting on the plane with no one to talk to as both of girls had fallen to sleep, this gave my brain time to think about my parents something I hadn't done in a long time. 


 Day of the accident-

"But I don't know why you guys wont let me go, everyone from school is going its not like I'm going by myself." I plea with my parents 

"Skylar we don't think its a good idea for a 16 year old to be out at all hours of the night with her friends, being on the beach this late at night is not only dangerous because of the water but also because it's a public space and they can't control who attends." My father answered trying not to get angry about the situation but failing fast.  

"Please, you guys know I'm not stupid I will be safe I can't control everyone around me but I can make sure I make the right choices. Plus Mr & Mrs Smith are letting Alec go so I will be with him the WHOLE time." I know that its wrong to lie to your parents, Alec will be there but so will my boyfriend Xander.They don't like him at all. My parents pretty much worship Alec so I know throwing in his name gets me closer to going. 

"Well as long as Alec is going you can go" My mother said causing me to jump around and scream making me look like the biggest weirdo ever. 

"But we are dropping you off" my father said causing my jumping and scream to stop. How old do they think I am, its not like I will go missing the beach is only down the road from our house.

"Fine, I'm going to call the girls." I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way to my bedroom.

That was the last real conversation I had with my parents they were killed on the way to their Date night. In the news it said that their vehicle had rolled over the embankment after having failed brakes, but I knew better. 

I finally dozed off, when I heard over the speaker we were about to descend and had to return all luggage to the overhead compartment. 

Over the speaker - Thank you for flying with us and welcome to Sydney Australia 

“Okay girls, this is Sydney Australia.” I say as we lug our suitcases out the exit of the airport

“Wow it’s so amazing, everyone speaks so different,” Sophie says

"You sound so american compared to these people" Kendall said with a giggle, when I had first meet her she could hardly understand some of things I would say but that had changed over the last few years.

“Don't get too excited yet we still have to get use to the time difference and how hot it is here compared to New York,” I reply as we all pile into a taxi, because of bad traffic and hour later we pull up out the front of my old house.

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