Back To The Start

It's taken 3 years, but Brooklyn's life was manageable. Her and her daughter,Alexis, are living normal life. Alexis is safe from all the attention that her father, Ashton Irwin, receives. Brooklyn stays under the radar of the paparazzi. But her life was far from perfect. Brooklyn starves herself. She thinks that's why Ashton left her, because she was "fat". She hides what other things she does to herself from her 4 year old daughter. But when Ashton comes back into their life, what will happen. Will she let him in, or shut him out, like she's been doing from the day Alexis was born to today?

This involves anorexia, cutting and swearing.


2. The Profile

Brooklyn's P.O.V


      "Mommy!" Alexis shouts to me. "Yes, Lexi?" I ask. "Can we go to the park?" She asks. I sigh, looking at my daughter, its obvious who the father is, its in the eyes. I have blue eyes. Alexis has green eyes, like Ashton did.

   "Okay, we'll go to the park. Do you want Sammy to come too?" I ask. She nods eagerly. I grin at my 4 year old daughter. "Okay! I'll go call Katlynn." I say, double-stepping the stairs, up to my room. I grab my phone and dial. " 'Yello?" Katlynn answers on the 2nd ring. "Hey, it's Brook! Can Sam go to the park with Alexis?" I ask. "Depends, are we getting Starbucks?" She asks. "No shit." I respond. "Okay! Meet you at your house!" Katlynn says and hangs up. I grin and jump down the stairs.


   Ashton's P.O.V


     I slap myself for what seems like the millionth time today. 'Why?' I'd ask myself. 'Why'd I do that to Brookie. I cheated on her. I loved her. But I broke her.

    Out of the corner of my eye I see Luke coming twords me. "What?" I groan. "Is this Brooklyn?" He asks, showing me a pic of a, beautiful girl, brown hair, blue frosted tips, blue eyes, and blond roots. "Closest you've gotten." I say. "But you said Brooklyn had blond hair." Luke smirks. "Yeah, and she has brown hair. Two entirely different hair colors." I say. "Blond roots." Luke points out. "Is that on Istagram?" I ask. "Um, yeah" Luke says. "What's the account?" I ask. "Um, it's @_hey_Brooklyn__ " Luke says. I pull it up. There it is, Brooklyn. I read the bio. 'Hey! I'm Brooklyn. I have a 4 year old daughter named Alexis. She's adorable. I work at Starbucks and Hot Topic. I'm 19 and live in Sydney, Australia. That's it!' Then I look through the pictures. Selfies, Brooklyn and Alexis, her and her friends. All of the pictures from this year, last year, two years ago, three years ago. She was blond. Then the pictures. Of me and her. Kissing, hugging, laughing. Even video's. I watch one. "It's Ashton's birthday." Brooklyn yelled. "He's 18!" She yells again. I smile. She hugs me. I laugh and kiss her. The video ends there. I remember this. She got us concert tickets to All Time Low. I found her. Brooklyn Valarie Smith. And I will make her mine again

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