Back To The Start

It's taken 3 years, but Brooklyn's life was manageable. Her and her daughter,Alexis, are living normal life. Alexis is safe from all the attention that her father, Ashton Irwin, receives. Brooklyn stays under the radar of the paparazzi. But her life was far from perfect. Brooklyn starves herself. She thinks that's why Ashton left her, because she was "fat". She hides what other things she does to herself from her 4 year old daughter. But when Ashton comes back into their life, what will happen. Will she let him in, or shut him out, like she's been doing from the day Alexis was born to today?

This involves anorexia, cutting and swearing.


1. Intro

"Just shut up!" He moaned.

"Ashton, please, I need to tell you something." She begged.

"So do I." He said, nearly yelling.

"Ash, calm down." She said, her hand over her mouth.

His next actions surprised her. He slapped her. "BROOKLYN!!!! PLEASE, SHUT THE F*CK UP" Ashton yelled at the girl.

He hit her once more, then shoving her to the floor. He kicked Brooklyn many times after that. In the face, the ribs, the legs, the arms. She crossed her arms over her stomach to protect that from getting hurt. She was sobbing silently, shaking. "I'm done with you." He growled, balling a fist full of hair and pulling her head up. "I'm done with you. That's all I wanted to say."

He then grabbed his duffel bag and stormed out of the house.




Brooklyn was lying, her side pressed against the cold floor.





"I'm pregnant." She whispered, then shutting her eye.

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