Beauty... a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. And I want it all.


1. Life

A slow reptilian smile slithers over my face as she trembles beneath my touch... I know what she sees.

Bulbous yellowing eyes sunken deep into their sockets surrounded by brown, wrinkly skin that kept my mouth in a permanent grimace. Thinning hair framed my haggard face limply. My fingers were long and bony with cuticles overgrowing my long black nails. If I opened my mouth she would see that my teeth were either chipped or missing. I reeked of death and decay.

Her beauty is radiant. A rich shade of mahogany hair flows endlessly, adorning her smooth porcelain skin. Deep brown eyes sparkling and full of life were framed by thick long eyelashes.

"You are so very lovely, my dear," I say sweetly, though I know that my voice is coarse like sandpaper. "Beauty... it's very disarming."

My eyes narrow as my hand moves to close around her throat. The sound of her soft whimpers fills me with delight. Soon... oh so soon.

"But like all things it must fade. Just like you, my dear."

vitae vi... reputabuntur mihi.

The curse words sung loud and true through my mind. Using all my strength I raised the girl above my head and began to feel her life force pour slowly into me.


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