Her Royal Highness and the Archer

Cathleen Archer was a soldier, she fought in war and save her country. She was the best of the best at sword-fighting, two knife combat, and archery. She was a medic, a tracker and a spy. But she was also a lover.
But war is not a place for love.


3. chapter 2

Fabian stood and watched me as I moved about my tree house putting stuff away, not because he was here, because I don't like mess. I reached to grab a box from the top of my bookshelf, I couldn't reach the damn thing. gee this is embarrassing, there's a stool to my left, but he's probably already watched me fail once. before I could turn to grab the stool I felt him step behind me and reach over my head. 
"here" he smiled passing me the box of trinkets, I scowled and took it,
"I'm not short"
"I'm sorry, shall I put it back up and let you get it yourself?" he quipped,
"no" I sighed. I tugged the necklace off from around my neck, it was a small gold heart, but josh gave it to me, I don't want it. I could feel Fabian watching me as I leant down to put the box in a nook in the tree,
"like what you see?"
"what? I...uh...oh, no fair" I smirked at his flustering. he smiled at me, it was a nice smile. ew I sound hopeless.
"So, Cathleen, what do you do for fun?" I gestured to the bow and quiver hanging by the door, "Archery, that is fun"
"its not a game boy"
"i know" he smirked, "but its all fun and game for the court"
"i don't hunt with those stuffy nobles" I snapped, he looked shocked,
"oh, im sorry, I didn't mean..." he stuttered,
"its fine" I sighed, "are you a knight?" I asked, he's eyes lit up, and he shook his head,
"no, im a scout" he smiled, "so why do you do archery?"
"because, even though my farther strongly disagrees with it, im part of the special army"
"what exactly do they do, I never knew"
"basically we are trained as scouts, knights and archers"
he looked interested, we talked for a while about what we do, until we started arguing,
"does your dad match you up much?" he asked
"and your still..." that crossed the line
"don't even go there" I snapped
"why not?"
"i hate it" he gave me a strange look, I didn't like it,
"but your going to be Queen, its natural for the king to choose his daughter's husband"
"but why?" I snapped, "cant I choose myself?"
"no, because its all about making deals with other powers" he said, he must really study law and history, stupid idiot prat,
"get out" I through a cup of water over him, "GET OUT" he swore at me and left, "Prat" I whispered.

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