Her Royal Highness and the Archer

Cathleen Archer was a soldier, she fought in war and save her country. She was the best of the best at sword-fighting, two knife combat, and archery. She was a medic, a tracker and a spy. But she was also a lover.
But war is not a place for love.


2. chapter 1

"I'm sick of this Jason, I know you aren't just training, DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID? I'm over you lies, I'm over giving you chances, it's over" tears streamed down my face as I ran along the path down to the glade where the tree the, my tree house was in. I live in the tree house, it’s not far from the castle, Daddy’s castle. I nimbly jumped over fallen logs and dodged around trees as I ran. When I got close I slowed down, I walked through the door way, to see the person I wanted to see right now, my farther.
“Your highness” I bowed, smoothing over my black, leather tights and dark green blouse, I need to tell him that I was now his best warrior,
“Cathleen dear, you the crown prince you look silly, as I stood up, I brushed my hair off my freckled face, that’s when I noticed the tall blonde boy, who looked to be about my age standing behind the chair my father was on,
“who’s this? I started playing with my long brown hair, it’s a bad habit of mine I do that when I’m nervous,
“Oh yes, this is Fabian Archer, um, he’s Baron Andrew’s second son, and”
“You’ve made a deal with the baron to get us married haven’t you?” I cut him off, he looked guilty,
“I wasn’t happy about it either, but now I’ve seen you” Fabian’s said in a sweet sounding voice, I could feel him taking in my slim figure, my long, brown hair, my freckled face, green eyes and the scar on the back of my right hand. I in return looked over him. He was quite tall and well built, he must have trained as a soldier. His hair was blonde and sort of long, for a guy. He too had freckles, but his eyes were ice blue, this unnerved me,
“I’ll let you get to know each other” my dad said getting up and heading for the door, “oh and Cathleen, don’t murder the poor boy” and with that I was left in the room with this strange boy.

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