The Slave

Jenna Blake and Brin Johnson are best friends, have been since they were three. So, for their thirteenth birthday party they go to a One Direction concert. They're pyched, like any other teenage girl would be. When Brin's mom goes to get the car, though, they disappear.


1. The Beginning

   I looked outside to see Brin's car parked outside, well her mom's car really. I walk down the stairs after grabbing my wallet, house keys, and phone.

"Bye mom!" I call back to the almost empty house, I hear a faint "Be safe!" from the her room before I close the door to the house. Running towards Brin's car, I find the door already open and waiting for me. I hop in, closing the door behind me. 

   "So are you excited?" Brin asks as soon as I close the door.

"Gosh, let me get my seatbelt on, Brin." I say, breathless. She lets out a laugh.

"Sorry. I, for one can't wait to go tonight." Of course, being Brin, she couldn't help but pick up my bag with my change of clothes in it for tonight. 

   "You're kidding me, right Jen?" She says, exasperated. I roll my eyes. Brin's touchy about clothes. I had packed a simple load, dark wash skinny jeans that, unfortunately, made me look paper-white, a gray T-shirt and some flats.

"No, I'm not. That's what I'm wearing, Brin." I say, without bothering to look at her.

"Whatever, you'll just have to borrow something of mine. Thank gosh we're the same size." She said like it was obvious. I sighed, there was no arguing with her about clothes. 

   We pull up in front of our school and alight from Brin's car, her mom driving away. I instantly spot James waiting at the front of the school for me, texting. Brin headed off to her early geometry class while I make a beeline for James. Many people assumed we were dating, but we were only close friends. Very close. As he soon as he sees me, he pockets his phone, and headed towards me. When he reaches me, he engulfs me in a hug, his scent whirling around me, making me feel safe and secure. 

   As we begin walking towards our class, he interlocks our fingers, like usual. We're that kind of "couple" that refuses to be labeled as a couple but acts as one at times. Except, holding hands isn't meant to be intimate between us, just friendly. I smile at him. 

"So, I'm being kidnapped tonight by Brin, anything you want to do before?" I asked sarcastically. 

   "Well, we could go see a movie." He suggested, smiling.

"Which movie?" I ask.

"How about... The Conjuring?" He suggests, giving me a nudge. 

"Do you want to be slapped?" I demand playfully, he knows I hate the conjuring, ever since he made me watch it the year before. 

"Fine, fine. What ever you want to watch then." I smile at him, before unlocking our fingers and heading to my locker. 


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