Notice Me: 5SOS fanfic

She knew a member of 5SOS and she sees him again! And he actually remembers her! He and his friends are awesome! Well just his friends, he on the other hand was totally awesome one minute and then distant the next. Does he hate her now? Is that just the way he is now? Or is there some thing he isn't telling her? Is One Direction as cool as they are on tv? What's up with his bandmates staring at her? Was it because he was her first kiss?

Oh and hi! Her name is Bren! the story and find out more !!!!


1. Waiting

"You do relies that they won't be here for another hour right?!" Layla said pissed off that I got her up at 2am, drove an hour to the city, and just to catch a glimpse of the hottest guys in the world!!

"I'm sooooo sorry, but you know I have been waiting for this for, welll, FOREVER!!!" I pleaded, "Can I buy you a Starbucks?" "Well I do feel like a grande latte" she said playing with her hair.

I laughed. "I will be right back" I yelled walking around the corner where a Starbucks just happened to be.

Well shit, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Brenda but I HATE that name, call me Bren. My friends call me that. Considering that my only friend is Layla I wasn't very popular in high school.

I'm 17 and in 2 weeks I will be 18. Senior year in high school is going to be hell....unless I don't go. But my parents would disown me so that is not an option. They think that if they plan my life out it will go exactly the way they planed it. One word for you FALSE!!!!

Things I love- 5SOS,skateboarding,black,purple,blue,muscle shirts,and colorful jeans

Things I hate-school,cats,dresses,pink,yellow,plain jeans and, not seeing Luke in forever!!!

Yes, Luke Hemmings. We were neighbors since well forever, and were best friends, but then came middle school and high school and we got kinda distant. Then he got famous and I was still a nobody. Then again he probably won't remember me.

When I got back with her latte the line doubled to see 5sos."Where have you been these little monsters have been eating me alive"Layla practically yelled in my ear.

"The line at Starbucks was massive" I said. I gave her the puppy dog eyes. She just laughed. "You are so damn lucky that you have the looks" she sassed.

"I think I see them" shouted a little brat that was just teasing everyone.She started laughing. Then five to seven girl threw her out of line. No one felt even a remorse of guilt when she went to the back of the line.

Then I saw something move in the alley behind the building.When I tried to get a better look.I saw blonde hair. It was Luke. Ohhemmgee!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi this is my first movella and I don't want any hate comments. I might have messed up please tell me and I will try to do better. Plz like if you want more!!!

Love, dealwithit

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