Notice Me: 5SOS fanfic

She knew a member of 5SOS and she sees him again! And he actually remembers her! He and his friends are awesome! Well just his friends, he on the other hand was totally awesome one minute and then distant the next. Does he hate her now? Is that just the way he is now? Or is there some thing he isn't telling her? Is One Direction as cool as they are on tv? What's up with his bandmates staring at her? Was it because he was her first kiss?

Oh and hi! Her name is Bren! the story and find out more !!!!


2. remember me?

Bren's POV

"Layla, I decided that it's not worth it let's go" I almost yell. "And you tell me that after we have waited here for HOURS!!" She screams. "Sorry I will explain later let's go" I say pulling her into the alleyway. There they are, their backs turned to us but they still look so perfect. Especially Luke. Layla is about to scream when I cover her mouth. I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet. She just nods. I clear my throat. The look on their faces are priceless! " do relies that you are disappointing at least 100 fans right now right?" I say crossing my arms. They just stare at us for a bit. God damn those blue eyes drilling into plain hazel eyes. "First, sorry love we've gotta be somewhere and second, do I know you" Luke questions. "First" I say mocking him, "don't call me 'love' cause' that's what you called all your bitches in middle school and second, hi jukey luckey remember me? FYI they cut your tree house down no more 'super secret club' with your one and only BRS." (Brenda Rosey Smith) Micheal,Ashton and Calum are soooo confused. I just stand there with a smirk plastered on my face. I look at Layla and she is just as clueless. She still is a bit star struck though. Shit, I forgot to tell Layla that I knew Luke. I look back at the boys and Luke is looking at me with wide eyes and the cheesiest smile ever. I run to him and he opens his arms. I drop my coffee while running but I don't care.I jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist he starts to laugh in my ear. I jump down and put my hands on his cheeks. I look at his face. He got a piercing?! "You got a lip piercing?! And why haven't you said anything!?" I say with wide eyes. Wow, subtle Brenda subtle.(notice my sarcasm). "Well if you would give me a chance to talk.....I got this piercing a while back and it's not just me that changed. We have a lot to catch up on. Look...I want to apologize for being a dick since well middle school" his emotions in this little dialogue are like a roller coaster. I forgave him a while back but he is going to have to work for it. "Well it took long enough but you are still going to have to work for the rest of my forgiveness. That means expensive video games" I say with a smirk. His eyes look relived. I take my hands off his face and bear hug him. He hugs back. Layla clears her throat "This is probably great for you Bren but I am fucking lost and by the look on there faces" she says gesturing to the rest of the boys, "you two are the only ones that know what is going on care to explain?" Shit, they are here. I pull back to quick and get dizzy. I'm about to fall when Luke catches me. Layla runs over, starts stroking my hair and telling me to calm down. I hear high pitch screams and then nothing.

~ 4 Hours Later ~

I wake up but don't open my eyes because I hear a conversation "Has this happened before? Is she going to be alright?" I don't know who that is. "I think she is going to be alright, this has happened before but she said it was nothing and pretended like it never happened" that was defidently Layla

I open my eyes knowing that I'm safe because I hear Layla. There is a bright lite in my eyes."Get that fucking lite out of my eyes NOW!!" I say covering my face with a pillow. "Sorry miss I need to check your pupils dilation" says an unfamiliar voice.

"Where the hell am I and why do you need to check my eyes" I say getting frustrated and closing my eyes. "You are at the the hospital miss, you passed out in an alleyway before you were here" she said sweetly. "Where the hell is my friend n' stop calling me miss it's pissing me off!" I say wanting to cry. "Bren let her help you I'm right here" says Layla squeezing my hand.

"Just open your eyes and the pupil exam will be over before you know it" says the nurse in the sweetest voice ever. I open my eyes and see nothing but a lite and then it is gone and I start to adjust my eyes.

"I'm so sorry for snapping at you nurse...." I say looking at her name tag, "Amber". "That was nothing I've heard a lot worse. Anyway we took some of your blood to do some tests and we will get the tests back in an hour or so, hold tight" she says cheerfully and walks out.

"God, why is she so perky, it's annoying!" I moan, "wait who was that you were talking two when I first woke!" "That was Michael....wait I thought you woke up after they went to go get cafeteria food" she accuses me. Shit time to come clean!

"Have you ever heard of not opening your eyes when you wake up! Wait 5SOS Michael? What happened? I just remember I was hugging Luke and then nothing" I say confused as hell. Layla could see it on my face too!

" pulled out of the hug to fast and got dizzy. You almost fell but Luke caught you. Then all of the fans heard Luke and came rushing around the corner. We got in the car and drove you to the hospital. They went to go get food for you and probably them too but still" Layla says so fast it is hard to process

"Who is 'all' of them exactly?" I ask. "Luke, Ashton , Michael and, Calum. They told me not to tell you but some paps followed us to the hospital" she whispers.

What the hell just happened to my life??


Whaaa??? Did you you like it? I made this one x-tra long just for u guys! Sorry if there are any mess ups just tell me and I will fix it. Should I continue with the book? Plz no hate but constructive criticism plz!! What should happen next? Text what you think should happen in comments!! Xxx,

Love or hate, dealwithit

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