Notice Me: 5SOS fanfic

She knew a member of 5SOS and she sees him again! And he actually remembers her! He and his friends are awesome! Well just his friends, he on the other hand was totally awesome one minute and then distant the next. Does he hate her now? Is that just the way he is now? Or is there some thing he isn't telling her? Is One Direction as cool as they are on tv? What's up with his bandmates staring at her? Was it because he was her first kiss?

Oh and hi! Her name is Bren! the story and find out more !!!!


3. Is change the right word?

Luke's POV

~ Beginning of the day ~

She looks so familiar. Why do I keep looking at her. I turn around to the boys are staring at me. "What?" I moan. "Why are you staring out the window?" Ashton asks. "Did someone catch your eye mate?" Micheal teases. "No, and if someone did what makes you think I'd tell you assholes" I say slyly. They keep looking at me so I just smirk. "Are you drawn to her physically or emotionally?" Says Calum tuning in. "I will never know because our car is waiting at the end of the alleyway" I say quickly changing the subject. "Why can't we go talk to our fans?" Micheal whines. "Sorry, but there at least 110 girls out there. Unless you want to get mobbed Michael, we have to go down the alley" Ashton says. "Wow, no creativity! Just plain and simple?" Calum jokes. "Hey I can be serious when I want to be" ash says defensively. We all start laughing. Ash eventually joins in on the laughter. "We should go though seriously" I say. Good they finally got off my back about her. We go down the stairs as quietly as we could. We reached the door in the alley. Then a little girl yells claiming to see us causing a commotion. Shit we are caught. Then the little girl starts laughing. She is bluffing. As soon as she stops laughing some girls toss her out of line. I look back at the boys. Ash is about to laugh because they threw her out of line. Calum just covers ash's mouth, and gives me a thumbs up with his other hand. We start walking again. We are half way down the alley when someone clears their throat. Fuck! I look at the boys and they nod. We turn around and there she is with her friend. I just keep staring at her. She looks like a hotter Bren. But she would never come see me after I ruined our friend ship. " know that you are disappointing at least 100 fans right now right?" She asks crossing her arms. That is something Bren would say. Snap out of it say something! "First sorry love we gotta be somewhere, and second do I know you" I question her. What can I say, my curiosity gets the best of me sometimes. "First, don't call me 'love' cause' that's what you called your bitches in middle school and second, hi jukey lukey remember me? FYI they cut your tree house down no more 'super secret club' with your one and only BRS" she says. Oh my god. Bren! She smirks at the boys. Well they don't know what's happening. Only she would know those things! I smile stupidly when she is looking at her star struck friend. She looks back at me. She suddenly starts running and I open my arms. She drops her coffee, but she just keeps running. When she jumps on me she wraps her legs around my waist. I just laugh. She jumps down and puts her hand on my cheeks. When she looks into my eyes I feel a pang of guilt. I fucking ignored my best friend for years. "You got a lip piercing?! And why haven't you said anything!?" She says. C'mon dude apologies! K here I go. "Well if you would give me a chance to talk(good, so far).. I got this piercing a while back, and it's not just me that changed. We have a lot to catch up on. Look (now! Apologize now!) I'm sorry for being a dick since well middle school" I say. She just stares into my eyes for awhile,and I want to cry. Until she says "Well it took you long enough but you are going to have to work for the rest of my forgiveness. That means expensive video games." She starts to smirk. Before I can say anything she takes her hand off my face and hugs me. God, I missed this. I hug back. I could live I'm this moment forever. Then I hear someone clear their throat. Ugh, they are here. "This is probably great for you Bren, but I am fucking lost and by the looks on their faces" she says gesturing to the boys. She keeps babbling on about some shit, and I just look at the boys. They look like lost puppies. I look down and Bren and I are still in a hugging position. She suddenly pulls back. She starts looking pale. She is about to fall but I catch her. Bren falls limp, and her friend runs over. She kneels and tries to calm Bren down. Bren closes her eyes. "BRENI!!" I yell a bit to loud. A couple of second later a sea of girls are running toward us. "Get in the van" Michael panicks. As soon as we are safe her friend sobs holding her hand. Michael keeps patting her back. She sits up and whips her red eyes. She looks concerned. We stare at each other for a while until she says "Well, I'm sorry we had to meet like this. My name is Layla. I think now would be and exceptional time to tell us what the hell is going on Hemmings!" "Yeah, what the hell was that mate. I kinda looks like you know her" ash says a little edgy. "God can it wait?!?" I snap. "NOO!!" They yell back. K gotta tell them how much of a dick you were! Wow this is gonna be easy! "Well here goes nothin! Ya see, we were like best friends since we were born. Our moms were best friends when they were prego. Long story anyway, we were inseparable. Then I got my first girlfriend. We kept getting more distant because of me. One day she had enough of my shit and I just let her walk out of my life. That was the biggest mistake of my life. My mom let me move to a different high school district. is Greg?!?" I say stroking Bren's hair. "Wow that was a mouthful. Wait you didn't hear about Greg?!?" She says with tears brimming the edge of her eyes. "What the hell happened to Gregory?!?" I say in a panick. "Bren and him went for ice cream a couple years ago and they got t-boned by a drunk driver. Greg died and Bren blames her self for it every day" she says choking back tears and continuing, "She started to get bullied at school. She was diagnosed with a eating disorder and started to self cut. Her parents lost their 'golden boy' and blame her also! One day she came to school with a bruise on her jaw and a black eye. She was sore every time I touched her stomach. I could tell she was abused by her parents. I called the cops and now my mom is her legal guardian until she turns 18 in two weeks. My mom got her into therapy and anti-depressant pills. She has been clean of cutting for 2 months as far as I know! Her life turned upside down!! I guess you would have known that if didn't walk out on her prick!" She starts sobbing. The boys look at me and a single tear escapes my eyes. "I-I-I didn't know" I sob. Layla looks at me and we hug for what seems like forever. "Well Luke now that all of that is cleared up....what was the super secret club??" Calum teases. They all stare at me and I roll my eyes. "Like you said it is super secret" I smirk. The doors open before they can respond. Paramedics race Bren into the hospital. I jump out and look as they take her away. Tears come streaming down my face. There is a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Michael and a sob comes out of my mouth. I drop to the ground outside the hospital. More tears and sobs come out of me. Flashes come from the bushes and they are clearly the paps. "What the hell are you looking at!!" Layla yells. "Haven't you seen somebody cry before arseholes. I've got two words for you. Fuck Off!!" Layla yells. Four arms pick me up and make me stand. Layla hug my side and has tears on her face. We walk in and what do I see?!? More paps!! We walk to the front desk. "We are here for Brenda Smith" Calum says. How the hell does he know her last name!!! "She is on floor six room 326" the nurse says not even looking up. Before anybody can say anything I dart to the stairs and start climbing. When I reach the sixth floor I run down the hallway. Finally I'm at room 326. I open the door quietly. She looks like an angel. Why did I have to fucking leave her. She was abused!! Her brother died and I wasn't there. She is to young for this. She.. My train of thought is lost when a hand waves in front of my face. “What?” I say obviously confused. “I said...why did you run from the group?!?” Layla says really pissed at me. “I just wanted to see her” I say as my voice cracks at the end. Then a nurse walks in and says “Which of you are her family?” “I am” Layla and I say at the same time. Layla just looks at me and nods. The nurse guides us out of the room and into the hall. “Well it looks like she hasn't eaten properly in two days. Any food that she has eaten in these days have been thrown up. We can tell by the damage to her gag reflects. Has she done this before?” She says politely. “She has done this before but I thought she was getting better” Layla says. Tears are brimming her eyes. “Since this is only her second time she will not need therapy. However you will need to keep eyes on her. Wait, does she still have her depression and anxiety meds?” the nurse says. Layla just nods. “Good, have her take them once a day in her regular dose. Am I clear?” the nurse says sternly. “We do” I say. She turns and walks down the hall leaving us there. I turn to Layla and she looks at me. Her tear stained face has new tears. I open my arms and she comes in for a hug. She starts sobbing into my shirt. After a while the boys come out. They in- gulf her in a group hug causing her to giggle. “How 'bout you boys go get some food and I'll watch after her until she wakes up...ohh and get some food for yourselves too. Ohh and Luke can you get her something medium ya‘know if it to small it won't do and if you get her something big she will....well ya‘know ” Layla says. “Can do and I know” I say. The boys look confused and I forgot they didn't know. “What the hell was the ‘ya‘know’ stuff about Luke?” Calum asks. He looks so pissed off. Why the hell is he so pissed?!? They just keep staring. “God, guys, it isn't my secret to tell and why do you want to know so bad cal. By the way how did you know her last name? She didn't say it in alley” I say accusingly. Wow, Luke, smooth transition. “ should let Ro tell you. Shit! Fine we were I said let her tell you!” Calum snaps. “Sorry cal, we should really go to the cafeteria I'm starving” Ashton says. “K, you guys do that. I will catch up with ya. I want to talk to Layla real quick. Alright?” Michael says. We just nod. We get to the cafeteria and there are paps swarming us. I call security all the paps in the building are told to wait outside or they will call the cops. We get food and are about to go up when we run into Michael. “Where the hell have you been Michael. You almost gave me a heart-attach” ash says in a mocking mother tone. We laugh a bit. “The nurse said Bren would wake up in a bit so Layla want ‘alone time’ with her. Where meh fooooddd” Michael says. “She can have her ‘alone time’. We need to talk amongst ourselves as well” Calum says calmly. That was weird. We all sit down and Michael blurts “No ffooooooddddddd?!?” “Go get it yourself Micky” ash says. “I'm not hungry anymore” Micky pouts. Ash and me chuckle at his response. Calum is in his own world...he does that sometimes. (First letter of their names is their sign)

A- what do we need to talk amongst ourselves about cal?

C- how about the fact that Luke won't tell us anything?!?

L- hey! ‘Ro’ should tell you her self

I stand up,pretty pissed at what he said.

C- no one gets to call her that but me!

Cal stands up and gets in my face.

M- you guys are causing a scene. Calm the shit down and sit down! (He said it in a whisper yell)

We both sit down not breaking eye contact.

M- now let's start with you Luke, I could tell you left things out. Please share!

They are going the be the death of me! Seriously!!!

L- the year before middle school Bren went to summer camp. She was soooo pissed when she went. She vowed to not have any fun. I told her to have fun or else I wouldn't have any fun either. The summer camp was called camp wakko tiki or something. Anyway when she got back she was all bubbly. She told me she hated it but I knew she lying. Once in awhile she got these texts and walked out of the room to answer. Which is weird because we share everything!

A- shared everything huh?

He starts wiggling his eye brows and I roll my eyes.

L- can you let me finish sicko! Anyway, we got to middle school all these girls were looking at me. Bren didn't like it but I just ignored all of them. After school this girl pulled me aside and asked me on a date. I said sure and she told me to meet her on Friday at some arcade. She walked away swaying her hips. When it reached Friday I was getting ready at my place. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. When I opened it Bren stood there in pjs. I totally forgot about our annual first Friday of the month sleepovers. She could see I forgot it so she stormed back to her house. The worst part was that I just went on the date. On Saturday me and Bren made up. After that I just kinda kept ditching her sorta. One Friday I told her I was sick when really I was going on a date with her ‘enemy’. So I went bowling with Sasha. Well I guess Bren had the same Idea. She walked in just in time to watch Sasha swap spit with me. After that she stopped taking to me and I just let it happen. Sooo yeah. Your turn Calum!

They all just look at me like I murdered a puppy. Calum looks at me like he wants to punch me. I kinda wanna punch myself right now!

L- guys you know I've changed and I want to make it up to her now!

M- he has changed (he says to the other boys). How about we just forget about the bad thing you did k?

I just nod and take a bit out of my sandwich.

A- Soooo, now that all of that us done with. What did you guys do at those ‘sleepovers’

Ash wiggles his eye brows and I start choking on my sandwich. They all laugh at my reaction. I just punch Ashton in the arm and start laughing.

C- Do you think we could go back up now?

M- Probably. Luke you got her food.

L- Yup! Let's go!

I wonder what they talked about?


Soooo sorry for not updating! I made it super long though!!What do you think about Calum mysteriously knowing Bren?!? Should I continue?!? Please like,love, and comment!!

Love or hate, dealwithit <3 :) :)

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