What is Love?

Her name is Andrea she never fell in love or never felt it but what happens when she falls for the most popular boy in school Kian? Will she be one of those girls who fall in love at first sight or will she feel in love? Read on the find out what will happen with Andrea ��-Alison


3. That's A Horrible Converation

Andrea'a POV

School Was Over Finally I Have 3 New Friends, Jenn, Arden, And Lauren. I Never Thought I Would Have Friends But Whatever. I Was Walking Home From School Until I Saw Kian Again, God I Wish I Didn't Walk This Way To Go Home.

Kian's POV

I Never Though I Would Meet A Beautiful Girl Today All I Could do Is Think About Her And Her Eyes And Her Smile All I Want To Do Know I Kiss Her But That Would Be Insane Because I Just Meet Her. When I Was Walking Home I Saw Her So I Walked Up To Her.

Andrea's POV

OH NO He Was Walking Towards Me...Play It Cool Andrea Play It Cool Ok? Ok.

K: Hey Andrea

A: Hey Kian

K: I Never Thought I Would See Your Beautiful Face Again

A: Yea Me Nether, And Thanks For The Complement

K: Just Speaking The Truth

Soo..Yes I Did Blush I Mean Who Wouldn't Blush AM I RIGHT LADIES?!! I Shouldn't Have Said That But Whatever.

A: So How Was Your Day?

Why Did I Ask How Was His Day School Is Like Jail UGH I'm So Stupid!!

K: My Day Was Hell I Got A Detention Today

A: Wow On The First Day Of School

K: Yea

A: Well Good Luck On Your Detention

So I Walked Away And Went Inside Of My House

Kian's POV

To Me That Conversation Was Not My Best, I Was So Good At Making Girls Fall In Love For Me By Flirting And All Of That But This One Was Way To Hard She's So Beautiful And Her Eyes And When She Blushes, What's Wrong With Me?!!

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