What is Love?

Her name is Andrea she never fell in love or never felt it but what happens when she falls for the most popular boy in school Kian? Will she be one of those girls who fall in love at first sight or will she feel in love? Read on the find out what will happen with Andrea ��-Alison


1. Did I Just Say Love And Cute?(Part 1)

Andrea's POV

I am walking to school but I'm nervous I don't know what's going to happen or what to expect I really hope this day turns out right I think... I know I will never find a friend or a perfect guy or I would say I NEVER EVEN FELL IN LOVE...


I'm just new to this school... I moved from Indiana and I moved here in LA by my self I know what your going to say WHAT HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?! Great for asking I'm 19 but my parents don't care what I do so yea. I went to the principles office until.. I saw this cute boy I never even meet him and I feel like this nervous thing inside of me I think I'm in love... Wait hold on did I just say... Cute and Love what is happening to me?!?!


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