During The war

Eva lived during war and destruction. During this time period she was 20 and it was 1943. She had met a young solider around 22 while working in a field hospital. Will they fall in love or will war keep them from being together. Set in 1943 Germany during world war 2. Based off the movie Generation War.


2. Working in the field hospital

The worst thing I believe about working with wounded soldiers is that it can bring you down in a way I suppose. You don't always see the best of things you see a lot of people die daily. That kinda just ruins your day right there and your always constantly taking care of wounded people know yes that seems like I am complaining but I am not because it can actually be a good job to because I help people get back to what they are supposed to be doing. Anyways this guy came in the other day and we sorta already had known each other from back home in berlin but it wasn't like we were close or anything really and I don't plan to be anything more then friends

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