During The war

Eva lived during war and destruction. During this time period she was 20 and it was 1943. She had met a young solider around 22 while working in a field hospital. Will they fall in love or will war keep them from being together. Set in 1943 Germany during world war 2. Based off the movie Generation War.


1. Introduction.

Hello my name is Eva I am 20 and I work in a field hospital for the germans. I have worked in one since 1941 now and I have seen way to many die to count. No I will not sugar coat this I will tell you strait up how it is because with my accounts maybe people will decide war is not something to mess with. I came from a family of 4 siblings my one brother is serving right now for Germany and my others are to young to help. My father works in a office in Berlin for the SS. My mother of course stays at home and cares for the house and kids any ways I believe that s all for this and I will soon be writing again -Eva- June 1942

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