Daughter of Poseidon

Our story starts the last day of camp, the summer of the quest for the Golden Fleece
When a Daughter of Poseidon shows up at camp suddenly, what will happen when she gets sucked out of
her normal life and into the dangerous and scary life of being a halfblood?


2. I meet a tree (2)

Ok so I promised a chapter to be up on Wednesday, but I couldn't think of a way to make this chapter a super long one like I hoped, so another medium length chapter will be up either late tonight or tomorrow! Love all you guys :)

Gwens POV


"I'm Chiron." The centaur person says.

"The one from the myths? Aren't you supposed to be dead?" I ask.

Percy on my left snorts and when I look at him he says, "That's almost exactly what I said when I first saw him in centaur form."

"Well, yes I am that Chiron, and we will be heading over to archery as soon as you're ready." Chiron says.

Suddenly a punk looking girl wearing a 'death to barbie' shirt jogs over and starts to talk, "Hey guys, Grover is leaving now."

"Who is Grover?" I question. Now that I am starting to believe in all of this I wish I could take all of it in at once.

"Oh, are you a new camper? I'm Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus-"

"AND FORMER PINE TREE" Percy puts in.

"Excuse me?" I pardon.

"Ignore seaweed brain over here, i died so Zeus turned me into a pine tree, and then Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, Grover, and Clarisse brought me back to life earlier this summer on a quest to find the golden fleece." Thalia explains.

"okayyy. so im going to pretend i understood that, and once again, who is Grover, Clarisse, and Tyson?" I ask confusedly.

"Grover is a saytr, Clarisse is a daughter of Ares, and Tyson is a cyclops who is the son of Poseidon. Tyson is Percy's half brother." Annabeth explains.

"Do you happen to believe any of this now?" Percy asks.

"I think I do." I am surprised to find I truly mean it, and I smile.

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