Daughter of Poseidon

Our story starts the last day of camp, the summer of the quest for the Golden Fleece
When a Daughter of Poseidon shows up at camp suddenly, what will happen when she gets sucked out of
her normal life and into the dangerous and scary life of being a halfblood?


3. I Can't Concentrate With The Sun In My Face (3)

Authors Note- omfg guys im so sorry that this is up a day late but i couldnt get one movellas to post this. and this weekend im really busy (dance and im seeing Dumb and Dumber 2) and i will try to start to write/edit one or two chapters, but i doubt its going to happen :(

ily guys❤️


Gwens POV

Chiron and me just started archery and i already have two things to add onto the list of things i have learned today. In case your wondering, the list looks something like

Greek gods are real

Centaurs are real

Saytrs are real

Demigods are real

Surprise im a demigod

People can be turned into trees

And even including my latest two additions-

I am apparently good at archery

The boys from the Apollo cabin are hella hot -and not just because their kids of the sun god-

Anyway, I was brought back into reality when Chiron calls one of the Apollo kids over, "Can you finish the lesson for me? Dionysius is about to be thrown off Olympus next time he visits if he doesn't stop disregarding his restrictions."

The Apollo kid nods and turns to me as Chiron is trotting away, "Hey im Harry Friedman, son of Apollo. You are?"

"Gwen Samuels, unknown parent." I answer blushing. Harry looked about 17, about 6 foot, had a good tan, and had blonde hair. In other words he was basically every sane teenage girls definition of perfect. He was also way to cute to ever like a 5" 6, messy dark brown hair, and green eyes girl that was 2 years younger than him (aka me).

"So, why don't you just shoot a couple first so I get a feel for what you can do." Harry orders and I oblige. Although I did fine with Chiron, I only hit the rim of the target with each arrow.

"Okay, is this your first time using a bow?" Harry asks.

"Yeah." I answer sheepishly.

"Then you're doing great for a first timer!" Harry exclaims, "Just try holding it like this." Harry pulls me up against him and adjusts my hand to the correct positions, before firing it. Of course, with his help, it was a bulls eye.

"Now try it on your own." Harry demands.

I try to follow all of the right directions and then I release the arrow. I notice it's a bulls eye, and I smile at Harry who is starting to act strangely. Once I got the bulls eye he just smirked knowingly. Wonder what that's all about. Thunder booming snaps Harry out of his smirk.

"Uh, I have to go back to my, er.. cabin, maybe I will catch up with you later." Harry says, but it sounded more like a question.

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