Daughter of Poseidon

Our story starts the last day of camp, the summer of the quest for the Golden Fleece
When a Daughter of Poseidon shows up at camp suddenly, what will happen when she gets sucked out of
her normal life and into the dangerous and scary life of being a halfblood?


1. Gwen Samuels (1)


I slowly blinks open her eyes. It hurt to do so. Once I manage to gather my senses I realize that there are several people standing above me.

"Who are you?" One boy with messy black hair and green eyes questions.

"My name is Gwen Samuels. I'm 15."

"Do you know where you are?" Asks a girl with wavy blonde hair and gray eyes.

"Uhm... no? Am I supposed to?" I ask stupidly.

"This is a camp. You appeared in the forest last night. Do you know how you got here?" The girl pressured.

"Everything that happened yesterday is a little blurry actually." I admit.

The girl and boy shared a worried look before the girl continues to talk, "I'm Annabeth. Let me just ask, who are your parents?"

Why would Annabeth need to know that? But I still answer, " Alex and Ella Samuels."

They share the same look again, but this time it was of confusion.

"Listen, um, im Percy Jackson and your life is about to be pretty messed up." The boy with messy hair says.

"Don't scare her!" Annabeth scolds, "Anyway, i really hate to tell you this but, at least one of those people aren't your real parent."

"What?" I exclaim angrily.

"Annabeth... don't say that, she could just be clear sighted." Percy says.

"She got through the barrier without a problem! Your mom couldn't have even done it, and she is as clear sighted as a mortal can be." Annabeth insists.

"Fine. Your probably right." Percy gives in.

"What in hell is happening?" I snap.

Annabeth sighs before she turns to me, "Gwen, what do you know about Greek mythology?"

"Like the gods? Like Poseidon and Apollo and Hades and Athena?" I ask.

"Exactly like that."

"Okay. then yeah i know about them."

"Well you see, theres really no easy way to say this, but the gods are real. and they um come down to earth and hook up with mortals sometimes and er.... we are the result." Percy attempts to explain.

I snort, "I doubt it."

"Believe us Gwen, it becomes a whole lot easier once you do." Annabeth pleads.

"Whatever. I never will believe in the greek gods, but lets just pretend that i do. Then what?"

"You train. Its the only way to survive as a demigod." Percy bluntly states.

"Okayyy. I still don't believe you but, if you insist, then i want to begin my training now."

Percy chuckles, "Let's see if you are any good with a bow. Chiron will be teaching you."

Suddenly an attractive boy rushes over and whispers something to Percy, who nods.

"That was Will Solace, son of Apollo. He works here, in the infirmary. He said that your allowed to leave and that Chiron is waiting for you outside."

"You are kidding right? Chiron trained Hercules!" I insist.

"Chiron is immortal, and no i am not kidding." Percy informs.

"Still think this is all some stupid joke but, whatever!" I reason while hopping out of the infirmary bed and following Percy and Annabeth out the door. I bet they are dating. They seem so close.

They open the door to a.... centaur?! maybe they really are telling the truth about everything.

"Gwen Samuels. 15. Unknown gender of parent of parent." Annabeth tells him.

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