Whispers Of Love

Intro of Character~ Hi, My names Paige Falls, I am 16 years old and at the moment living in a foster home, When i was 4 years old all i remember is watching my Mom and Dad leaving me on the streets, I was almost starving to death but than i saw a woman carry me into this building called 'Bliss Fosters' i dont really feel like im fitting in, I've only made two friends over the years Oliva Carson(16 Years old) and Matt Hogan(17 Years old). I've kind of had a crush on Matt since i was 12, But not like anything is going to happen since he is quite taken with a girl named Carla Motino.

Intro~ But Paige doesnt know what the future has in store for her.


1. The Hotel


I heard giggling around me, i slowly open my eyes seeing blares of heads around me "What the hell.." I say in my morning voice "Look shes awake" Carla says laughing, i lift my head up receiving my vision back, I was in the middle of the Foster house on my Bed "What the hell, Carla!" i snap at her jumping out of bed "What the heck is going on here" I heard Olivia say looking at Carla and me "Oh nothing, Just looking at the loser" Carla chuckles crossing her arms "Shes not a loser" Olivia says with anger in her voice, Matt walks into the room "What is going on?" He says looking at us "Nothing babe, Just having some fun" Carla says walking over to him and kissing his cheek, I look at her in disgust "B-But why is Pai-" Carla cuts him off "Shh, no need to worry about it" The door swings open, Everyone backs away from Paige and Olivia "What on earth is going on here?" Ms. Rosea says with her distinct british accent, everyone froze up "Carla moved me out here from my room!" i say staring at Carla and Matt "Is this true Ms. Halls?" Ms. Rosea says taking a step forward over to Carla "Well yes, but it was just a little prank, not like shes dying or anything" Carla says sarcastically, everyone laughs i cover my face running into my room sitting in the corner and curling up starting to cry, i could hear Ms. Rosea yelling "Now everyone push that bed back into Ms. Falls bedroom right this moment!" i stand up as the door opens i saw Justin, Matt and Carla pushing the bed back into my bedroom where it was at first "There, happy now" Carla says rolling her eyes and walking out of the room, Matt looks at me and walks out of the room after Carla, Justin just stares at me "Dont listen to Carla, Shes just a bitch" He says smiling at me before walking out of my bedroom.

.2 Days Later.


"Paige? Pagie get up" I slowly open my eyes seeing Matt hovering over me but next to me "Morning" he laughs as he gets off my bed, i got up looking at his Brown eyes "What are you doing in here?" i chuckle putting on my slippers "Get dressed me and Olivia are taking you somewhere" he says walking out of the room, i was a bit confused but i got over it, i went into my drawer and grabed my cloths and shoes (White Crop Top with the American Flag on it and Blue jean Shorts with my Floral Vans) I walk to my bathrom styling my Cherry brown hair into a side braid. I open my door seeing Matt, Carla, And Olivia "Why is Carla coming?" I said annoyingly "I didn't think you would mind if she came" Matt says putting his arm around Carla, I ignored answering (Olivia was wearing~ White dress with Blue vans with her Blonde hair in a bun~ Carla was wearing~ Black Crop Top with Booty shorts and sandles, Her Black hair to the side~ Matt was wearing~ White button up, jeans and blue vans his brown hair looks so perfect in his Black Beanie) The whole ride to the suprise i completely ignored everyone and listened to music on my IPhone 5c "We're here" I heard Matt say through my earbuds, i turn off my music and look outside the window, it looked like a hotel "Why are we at a Hotel?" I ask opening the car door with everyone "Ms. Rosea said we could stay here for a few days" Olivia says going to the trunk of the car "But nobody packed anything" I said walking over to the back of the car "Actually, i packed your cloths" Olivia says taking out everyones bags, i open up my bag, there was actually really pretty outfits in here "Oh.." we all took our bags and walked into the hotel, It was gigantic, we got our room keys me and Olivia got room A5 and Matt and Carla got room A7, we all came to our room and unpacked our stuff. I heard a knock on my door i opened it as i undid my hair "Justin?" i say as he walks into the room, i look at Olivia as i close the door "I'll leave you two alone i guess" Olivia says giggling and leaving the room, He sits on the bed "Come sit next to me Paige... I need to tell you something" He says as he runs his fingers through his black hair, i sat next to him, he looks into my Hazel eyes, i stare into his green eyes "Listen, Paige... I-I liked you for a while.. And.... I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime" I blushed "Well... Sure" I say smiling, he kisses my cheek and opens my door, Olivia falls to the ground "I wasnt listening!" Olivia says jumping up "Sure you weren't" Justin says laughing before leaving the room, Olivia Smirks and i laugh. 

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