Whispers Of Love

Intro of Character~ Hi, My names Paige Falls, I am 16 years old and at the moment living in a foster home, When i was 4 years old all i remember is watching my Mom and Dad leaving me on the streets, I was almost starving to death but than i saw a woman carry me into this building called 'Bliss Fosters' i dont really feel like im fitting in, I've only made two friends over the years Oliva Carson(16 Years old) and Matt Hogan(17 Years old). I've kind of had a crush on Matt since i was 12, But not like anything is going to happen since he is quite taken with a girl named Carla Motino.

Intro~ But Paige doesnt know what the future has in store for her.


2. Cheats and Crushes


I jump into the shower washing my hair extra clean, i jump out and grab my Floral Dress and my gold flats, i put my hair into a bun i brush my teeth and walk out of the bathroom, Matt and Olivia were in the bedroom, Matts jaw dropped "You look great!" Olivia says "Why are you so dressed... Up?" Matt asks "Shes going on a date" Olivia smirks "A date?!" Matt says nervously "With who?" He asks "Justin" I say as i blush, there was a sudden knock on the door, i open it up "Justin!" i say smiling "Hey Babe" He says grabbing my hand "Matt" Justin says Smiling, Matt ignored him "Lets go Justin" Me and him walk off down the hallway

Matts P.O.V~

"Matt are you okay?" Olivia asks "Why would she go out with him?" i say sitting onto the bed, Olivia sat next to me "Well, because your taken" Olivia says, she gasps and covers her mouth "What?" i say standing up "Paige likes you Matt... I cant believe you've never noticed" i stare at Olivia in shock and silence "I need to stop her..." I say opening the door and running down the hallway to where Justin and Paige were, they were sitting at a table in the Cafe i walk towards them .

Your P.O.V~

"I'll be back" Justin says as he walks down the hallway "Paige?" I looked at Matt as he sat down "Matt? What are you doing here" I say as i look around "I know that you like me..." He says reaching for my hand "Who told y- Oh... Olivia told you didn't she..." I say looking down to my lap "Yes but.... i have something to confess...." I get a text from Olivia

O- Come down the hall you might want to see this

Me- Uhm, okay

"Hey, Matt, hold that thought come with me, Olivia wants me to see something" Me and Matt get up and walk slowly down the hallway i turn a corner and see Justin and Carla Making-out behind the corner of the wall, my eyes tear up "Justin?" I say walking towards him, he unleashes his lips from Carla's "P-Paige... Its not what it looks like" Justin says grabbing my hand, Matt looks at Carla in disgust "Matt, Baby dont be mad, he kissed me" Carla says running her fingers through Matt's hair "Actually no, We kissed eachother, and im a very truthful person" Justin says, he looks at me "Listen Paige, it was a huge mistake" He says putting his hand on my shoulder "Yeah right, im not fucking stupid Justin, i cant believe you would do this to me!" i start to cry, i push him away from me, i walk over to Carla smacking her across her face "How could you do that to Matt you whore!" I say still crying "Because i just can" Carla says laughing "Carla were done, have fun with your trashy life" Matt snaps, i start to walk away crying but Justin grabs my arm pulling me to him "Listen, Paige you need to listen to me" Justin whispers "Let me go!" i say getting out of his grip "Bro, Back off" Matt says pushing him "Whatever dude, im out of here" Justin walks down the hallway, Carla grabs Matts hand, Matt pulls away "Dont touch me cheater, i said were done" He says, Matt goes to their room and throws her bags out "Go away" Matt says grabbing my hand and smiling at me "Pssh, fine, your lose" Carla says stomping away "So, Paige, what do you think, should we try us out?" Matt says smirking "Of course" I say as i blush.  

.Next Day.

"Paige Wake up" Olivia says jumping on my bed, i cover my face with my pillow grunting "Paaaaaiiiiiiiiiiigeeeeee" Olivia whispers in my ear pulling me off the bed onto the floor "Ouch, Olivia!" i chuckle "Remember your going out with Matt today" she says throwing cloths on my head "Ooooh... Right......." i get up hopping into the shower getting out and getting dressed into my Blue Crop Top with my Shorts and Gold Flats, i put my Cherry brown hair into a pony tail, i walk out and open the door trying to be early, Matt has his fist up like he was about to knock "Oh, Matt" I laugh, he grabs my hand and takes me to the pool area "Matt, its night time we cant go swimming at night" i say confusingly "i know" he says smiling, he grabs my waist pulling me against him, he kisses my cheek than finds his way around to my lips, he pushes me against the wall, he slides his hands down to my butt, our smiles on eachothers lips, we just stood there making-out.

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