Colours // m.c.

"What does your hair colour mean?"

"Why do you paint dark landscapes?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where a girl express's her emotions through paintings and a boy express's his through his hair colour

[This was a friend of mine's idea and she gave me the cover for it too :) THANKS]


2. The Cafeteria

Michael grabbed his lunch tray from the counter, dragged himself over to where Calum, Ashton and Luke were sitting and fell into his seat.

"Rough class?" Ashton asked through a mouth full of food. Michael nodded and began prodding his tune casserole with his plastic fork. Calum looked up from his empty plate and looked at Micheal's "Are you gonna eat that?"

Michael shrugged and pushed it towards him and Calum quickly began scoffing it greedily. Michael looked outside and suddenly realized that the blonde haired girl he had seen in Art class was sitting on her own, under a tree. Luke followed his gaze "Who's that?"

Michael shrugged again "I don't know" He got to his feet, grabbed his bag and walked out of the Cafeteria. Calum, who had looked up from his tuna early enough to see Michael leave, turned to Luke and Ashton "Why'd he leave?"

Both of them shrugged but didn't take their eyes off Michael as he slowly approached the girl.

The Girl looked up when Micheal's shadow fell over her sketchbook. Her eyes were still large and emotionless Michael thought as he leaned against the tree. The girl looked up at him before returning to her book. Michael looked over her shoulder. She was drawing a little girl,crying as the rain fell down her face, her wet limp hair clinging to her cheeks.

"Your very good" he said quietly" the girl didn't acknowledge his comment as continued sketching. The bell rang. She grabbed her bag and quickly hurried away from Michael who simply stared at her figure as it got smaller and smaller and disappeared into the school.

He looked back through the Cafeteria windows. Calum, Ashton and Luke were still looking at him. He looked away and walked back into the school.

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