Colours // m.c.

"What does your hair colour mean?"

"Why do you paint dark landscapes?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where a girl express's her emotions through paintings and a boy express's his through his hair colour

[This was a friend of mine's idea and she gave me the cover for it too :) THANKS]


1. Art Class

"Welcome to Art class everyone. Take a seat in front of a blank canvas and paint whatever you like"

Michael and Calum took a seat on stools beside each other and looked around at their fellow students.

"How did you convince me to do this?" Michael whispered to Calum. Calum shrugged and picked up a pot of baby blue paint. He dipped a large paint brush into it and began to paint the letter c on his canvas. Michael smiled and, picking up a paintbrush and some red paint, began to draw a few zig zags.

A couple of stools away, a girl with pale blonde hair was painting vigorously as she tried to remember the landscape she had in mind. Michael looked up from his canvas for a second and began transfixed by the girl. He hair was falling in neat curls down her back and moved occasionally when she moved or changed the angle of her brush. Her large chestnut brown eyes were staring intently at her canvas as she painted and her brow was creased in concentration.

Calum looked up from his canvas which was basically his name in different coloured paints and followed Michaels gaze "She's concentrating a bit hard isn't she?"

Michael dropped his gaze and turned back to his canvas as the teacher came over "Very creative" she commented on Calums painting. He grinned wildly and stuck out his tongue at Michael. Michael rolled his eyes and turned back to his crazy painting full of squiggles and paint splashes.

The teacher passed by my painting and looked at it, tilting her head "Very nice Michael. You have potential" she walked off "Potential" he muttered under my breath. Michael dropped his paintbrush in a cup of water and hunched his back. He looked up to see the teacher looking at the girls painting with a huge grin on her face.

"Excellent" she explained "It's beautiful! And you painted this from memory?" the girl nodded and tried not to catch any of the students' eyes as they stared at her. The teacher clapped her hands together "Wonderful"

The girl put her paintbrush down as the teacher walked away look at other paintings. Michael got to his feet and walked over to her. She looked up at him as he looked at her painting "It's beautiful" he said. The girl grimaced and suddenly the bell rang. She jumped to her feet and without further delay, grabbed her bag and speed from the art class, away from the red haired boy.

Michael sighed and picked up his bag, following her out of the art room.

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