But I digress



1. .

There is a place, if you could see, 

the sky is green, beneath the seas.

but I digress, her high heels catch the pavement, as he's in hot pursuit, 

But I digress, their hands are locked, like prison shackles,

But I digress, she's always dressed to impress but never turned a head like this.

but I digress, she thinks she's seen this one before, she's passed him in the street.

but I digress, the room has started spinning, this is just a second drink.

but I digress, she was never good at running,

but I digress, it's dark and no ones out.

but I digress, blood is dripping from her brow, 

but I digress, such strong hands around her neck,

but I digress, something sharp cuts the mood.

but I digress, he's a taker of womanhood,

but I digress, the air bubbles, and the sky is green,

but I digress, a black bag gown and a chain brick belt.

but I digress, did you hear about that body they found?

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